Oral irrigator in test – a clean feeling

Dental floss is a pain? Definitely me. Nevertheless, I know that nothing works without cleaning the interdental spaces to ensure optimal oral hygiene. Good thing there’s an alternative that’s fun and effective: oral irrigator in test.

I consider myself lucky: I am one of those people who are not afraid of the dentist. Still, I admit, there are more pleasant appointments for me, too, than the routine annual checkups. Above all, there’s one thing my dentist has stressed at every visit since I’ve known him (and that’s a long time): Don’t forget to floss.

Because this small thin thread does a lot: It cleans the interdental spaces from plaque and food debris and gets where the toothbrush no longer has access. Daily use of dental floss or interdental brushes prevents plaque, caries and periodontal disease – reason enough to literally fumble your way through. Because hand on heart: using them doesn’t really put you in a good mood. If my bathroom mirror could shoot photos of me doing this, well, we’d better not…

Oral irrigator in test – quick success

I am all the happier that I can now test an alternative to dental floss: the “Waterpik Waterflosser Whitening Professional”. The oral irrigator in the test promises not only perfect oral hygiene, but also whiter teeth in just four weeks. I’m curious.

Dental floss is a pain? Many people definitely do. Good thing there's an alternative that's fun and effective: oral irrigator in test.My first thought: yet another appliance in the bathroom. But it’s chic and exudes a touch of dental practice in my bathroom. I only take a quick look at the instruction manual, because how the device works is intuitively understood: plug it into the socket, fill the transparent container with water, put the attachment on it (there are four of them, catering to different dental needs) and you’re almost off. Because the best – and tastiest part of the whole thing – is still missing: the little white pastille that you put in the handle. These “Fresh Mint tablets” – which come with 30, enough for a month – are for whitening teeth, and I’m thrilled with the taste. Like a peppermint candy, only even better.

Short application – well-groomed mouth feeling

Dental floss is a pain? Many people definitely do. Good thing there's an alternative that's fun and effective: oral irrigator in test.You can easily regulate the strength of the water jet with a dial. On my first test attempt, I turn it up full blast and have to laugh: at the highest level, the water jet tickles me. I quickly find out the optimal degree for me, 8 is my number. The application takes about a minute and I feel one thing in particular afterwards: an incredibly clean mouthfeel.

This is in line with the manufacturer’s claims: not only are discolorations said to be removed up to 25 percent more effectively than brushing teeth alone with the Waterflosser, but plaque is also removed up to 99 percent. The oral irrigator is also particularly effective for anyone with implants, crowns, bridges, veneers or braces. And those who quickly get bleeding gums when flossing can also rejoice: gum health improves by up to 50 percent compared to flossing.

What dental professionals say

And what do dental professionals say about using the oral irrigator? “Proper oral hygiene is the most important thing when it comes to dental health. If it is optimal, plaque doesn’t stand a chance. That’s why oral irrigators are the perfect addition to daily dental care,” explains periodontist and specialist in esthetic dentistry Dr. Matthias Roßberg.

Dental floss is annoying? Many people definitely do. Good thing there's an alternative that's fun and effective: oral irrigator in test.And dental specialist Dr. Hans-Georg Kirchner points out, “We recommend an oral irrigator especially to patients with fixed braces, and my dental hygienist even advocates using the ‘entry-level’ model as a second device for the workplace or on the go.”

“International studies also show that biofilm is also deposited on the gums and tongue, which can be effectively removed with the oral irrigator,” Dr. Roßberg said.

For me, in any case, the Waterflosser simply belongs after a few days – and I almost want to use the mouthwash twice a day, even if only once is recommended (and certainly quite sufficient)…

Lead photo: Tanh Tam

Photos: Waterpik

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