Olaplex in test: What can it really do?

Miracle? No. Effect? Oh là là. I’m one of those women who has long hair, but almost never wears it down. Why? Because hairdryers annoy me, curlers too, and in general, because long hair is constantly flying around in your face. Nevertheless, I love my long hair – of course, right? And I take care of it as best I can. Therefore, I am very curious whether Olaplex, which is advertised as a hair care sensation and revolution, also keeps what it promises.

After all, Olaplex is supposed to permanently repair damaged hair on the inside. Sounds to me skeptic first as credible as the promise of creams that are to iron out deep wrinkles. It is supposed to work like this: The active ingredient in Olaplex acts as a bonding enhancer and acts like a kind of glue: broken disulfide bridges (biochemical compounds) in the hair, which are damaged during coloring and styling are to be repaired and strengthened, virtually glued together again. There are three phases: two at the hairdresser, one as an after-treatment for home. So, I’m excited and looking forward to my test at Thomas Kemper in Munich.

The friendly young hairdresser leads me once past a beautiful tree (cherry blossom!) in the middle of the room to the sink and off I go. She sets up the first phase, applies it to my hair, and leaves it on for about five minutes. The Olaplex has no chemical by-odor whatsoever, which I find pleasant. Speaking of smell – Olaplex can also be mixed in when coloring to preserve the hair.

Olaplex in the test

We continue with phase two, which should lead to permanently repaired hair and is applied directly to phase one. Here it takes longer: thirty minutes is the application time, long enough to learn everything about Olaplex from the expert. I should not expect miracles, she says, but in any case I can look forward to a great effect. Under no circumstances should the treatment be seen as a pure cure – and promptly I get a care pack massaged in after rinsing. Then it’s back to the square.

The run on Olaplex has subsided again somewhat, says the stylist who now blow-dries my hair straight. It is recommended about every three months. There are also comparable products from other companies – for example, Magic Bond from Loréal. Excited, I look in the mirror and keep an eye out for the transformation. And indeed: The smoothly blow-dried hair looks very beautiful and very healthy. However, I’m surprised, they do not feel silky soft – rather strong and a little thicker.

Then I’m still quite happy as a (at least in everyday life) blow-dry and styling refusal, as from the straight hair casual beach waves are conjured. And my verdict is clear: gladly next time again Oh là là plex!

Text: Dr. Daniela Otto

Lead photo: alex-holyoake/unsplash

Photos: internal/Marina Jagemann