Not all wrinkles emphasize the personality

Life doesn’t pass us by without leaving a mark, and it often shows on our faces after the age of 30. Often it is the first small wrinkles around the eyes or lines on the forehead that become noticeable. This is part of our natural aging process, but it is a woman’s nature to look youthful and fresh for as long as possible. Of course, skin aging cannot be stopped completely, but today there is a whole range of good cosmetic and corrective aids and health-conscious lifestyles that can slow down the process or correct it visually.

Different types of wrinkles exist and the way they develop can vary. Therefore, first of all, it is important to know which Types of wrinkles can occur and how to get to grips with the wrinkles if necessary.

Causes of wrinkles

In some people sooner or later, but mostly after 30, the first lines appear on the face. They are signs of a normal skin aging process, which is caused by the decreasing elasticity in the subcutaneous tissue. The Production of elastin and collagen reduced and the skin thus loses its natural elasticity. The menopause with its change in hormone balance also ensures that the skin becomes drier and thus more susceptible to wrinkle formation.

The daily facial movements, Environmental influences and also the own way of life now leave visible signs of time. Poor protection against UV radiation, unhealthy lifestyles as smokers or even alcohol favor this development.

The different types of wrinkles

The dynamic wrinkles

This type of wrinkle is also called Mimic wrinkles called and it is caused by natural facial movements – talking, laughing, squinting eyes, frowning. If the skin loses elasticity, these spontaneous expression lines will eventually dig into the skin permanently.

In addition to the first wrinkles under the eyes, around the nose and around the mouth, many women manifest a so-called “frown line” on the forehead, running vertically from the root of the nose across the forehead. This wrinkle is considered particularly disturbing by many women because it can give the face an unfriendly or harsh expression.

Can the first slight expression lines still be treated quite well with effective anti-aging products plump up, a pronounced frown line usually requires resorting to local, minimally invasive Botox or hyaluronic acid treatment to get rid of it.

In the case of the Botox treatment a nerve toxin disables the muscles of the forehead at this point, the forehead then relaxes and smoothes. The effect lasts about 3 to 6 months, but it is not inexpensive and carries certain health risks if the injection is misplaced. This point makes it even more important to choose a trained specialist for the treatment. Dr. Bernard is such a specialist and has years of experience.

The injection of Hyaluronic acid is less of a concern, as this acid is also produced by the body itself and works as a so-called “filler” (filler). The effect of the treatment lasts about 4 – 6 months.

The actinic wrinkles

The actinic wrinkles are better known by the name of “wrinkles”. They refer to the usually very fine lines on the lips, eyes, neck and décolleté and hands. They are typical of areas of skin that are exposed to solar radiation and have produced damage to the connective tissue over the years due to prolonged UV exposure, which negatively affects skin elasticity.

Fundamentally important at a young age is, of course, a good and permanently applied UV protection in the form of creams with a high sun protection factor (at least a 50 SPF). This prevents light damage and thus early skin aging and protects against the development of UV-related skin cancer.

Against the already existing wrinkles, good anti-aging skin care products already help quite effectively. If the wrinkles are more pronounced, good results can be achieved with non-surgical means, such as microdermabrasion or fruit acid peeling. This removes the top layers of skin and stimulates the formation of young and wrinkle-free skin.

In the case of very pronounced actinic wrinkles, a permanent smoothing effect can usually only be achieved by laser therapy or wrinkle injections.

The static wrinkles

In contrast to the expression lines, the static wrinkles always appear where the facial skin is particularly thin, completely independent of facial movements. The eye and mouth areas are particularly affected. They show up in Crow’s feet around the eyes and Laughter lines around the mouth, which are visible even when the face is without movement.

Also belonging to the static wrinkles are the Nasolabial fold, which runs between the wing of the nose and the corner of the mouth, and the Puppet fold, which extends from the corner of the mouth to the lower jaw. These wrinkles often result in a haggard and sullen appearance and are therefore considered very disturbing by many women.

Static wrinkles develop more or less severely in the aging process, depending on predisposition, but they cannot really be combated by cosmetic means when they are pronounced. Deep wrinkles can only be softened by wrinkle injections, which fill the wrinkle and thus smooth it out.

Are you interested in cosmetic medical correction of certain wrinkles? Contact us. Dr. Bernard’s practice has in-depth experience in treating a wide variety of wrinkle types, with a broad range of procedures available.

What else you can do to prevent wrinkles

Sun protection is especially important in preventing wrinkles. This should be part of the day cream and have a high sun protection factor have (at least 50!). If you are exposed to the sun particularly intensively on vacation, you should always wear suitable headgear and sunglasses and avoid the particularly intense midday sun.

Also a healthy diet can prevent the formation of wrinkles. Protein-rich foods and plenty of fruit supply the skin with all the important nutrients it needs to maintain its elasticity. In addition, you should drink enough fluids. Low-nutrient convenience foods and radical diets are bad for the skin.

Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are not only harmful to health, they also damage the skin and its appearance. The free radicals in tobacco smoke reduce collagen production and accelerate the aging process. Alcohol weakens skin regeneration and deprives connective tissue of water and nutrients. All this is detrimental to a fresh skin appearance and promotes early wrinkle formation.

A great Stress load is also very harmful to the skin. Studies have shown that severe psychological stress can result in rapid skin aging and wrinkling. A good mental condition and a successful work-life balance are thus good protection against premature wrinkling.