Nose surgery – the high art of plastic surgery

Nose surgery is considered one of the most complex procedures in plastic surgery. No wonder then that there are only few proven specialists exist. One of them is the specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery Dr. Florian Sandweg.

In the face, everything depends on nuances and perfection. Even minimal changes become noticeable. This is especially true for the Nose as a central eye-catcher: a tiny bump can arouse the association “hooked nose”, too small noses are often associated with naivety as “snub noses”. Those who suffer from their nose usually wish for nothing more than a nose job.

In addition to a facelift, this procedure is part of the Royal class of plastic surgery and only in the hands of proven specialists. And how does a nose job work?

“First, the skin of the tip of the nose is detached from cartilage and that of the bridge of the nose from bone, and then the structures involved are removed using special instruments to model the new shape“, explains Dr. Sandweg, who has successfully operated on more than a thousand noses. “Sometimes it is also necessary to correct a crooked nasal septum during surgery,” says the specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery.

How a nose surgery works

However, there is also a surgical technique in which the procedure via the nostrils is performed so that there are no visible scars. This technique is also called closed approach correction. At the nose surgery with the open approach an additional incision is made between the nostrils over the so-called columella.

This surgical technique promises reliable results in the case of pronounced findings, as always operated under sight can be performed, thus ensuring maximum precision. The skin is finally placed back over the newly formed nose, a bandage of plaster and a light plastic cast shapes and protects the nose during healing.

“Nose surgery is not a walk in the park for patients, and the Healing Process can take up to 3 weeks. Usually the cast is removed after only one week, Sometimes it should be worn for two weeks,” says the plastic surgeon.

Dr. Sandweg’s well-established background – he qualified under the renowned Professor Wolfgang Mühlbauer and the world-renowned Professor Wolfgang Gubisch, among others – has enabled him to also the ability to correct pre-operated noses. Rhinoplasty is performed at the RoMed Clinic in Prien am Chiemsee, where Dr. Sandweg works as a senior physician in addition to his own private practice, Amosaro.

Nose surgery – costs, risks, result

About the RISKS include infection, as with all surgical procedures; there may also be temporary numbness in the tip of the nose, as the procedure also touches fine nerve fibers.

RESULT: An operated nose usually lasts a lifetime, aging with the entire face. The COST are between 4500 and 9000 euros.

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