Nose Job Made Easy: Straight Nose Without Surgery

The nose is the center of the face. If it does not harmonize with the rest of the face, this is often a psychological burden for the person concerned. For most people, however, nose surgery is out of the question, as it involves many risks on the one hand and is also very expensive on the other. We show a method with which the nose can be corrected without many risks and costs!

The advantages of a nose correction with hyaluron

With the help of a hyaluronic acid injection into the nose, irregularities on the columella, bridge of the nose or tip of the nose can be evened out and corrected. For this purpose, stabilizing hyaluronic acid is injected with a fine needle into the area to be treated. The result is a nose that is straight and in harmony with the face. By minimally raising the bridge of the nose and slightly sculpting the tip of the nose, even wide noses can appear slightly narrower.

Rhinoplasty at M1 Med Beauty: Step by Step

#1 Consultation

During the consultation with the specialized M1 doctors, first the areas to be treated are analyzed. First, the experienced doctor gives his treatment recommendation, which is compared with the client’s wishes and adjusted if necessary. In this step, all open questions can be asked and clarified by the doctor.

#2 Treatment of the nose

After clarifying the amount to be injected and the area to be treated in the first step, the second step consists of injecting the hyaluronic acid. A fine needle or blunt cannula is used for this purpose. The effect is seen immediately after the treatment, but the final result is seen after a week.

#3 Care

After treatment, it is important to cool the areas that have been treated to avoid swelling. Care should also be taken not to exercise for 48 hours after treatment. Further advice on what is and is not allowed after treatment can be found in our rules of conduct.

If you are also interested in a nose correction with hyaluron, then arrange your consultation with our specialized M1 doctors now.