New fillers for firm arms

They are considered the new décolleté – well-defined, firm arms are an eye-catcher not only in summer! Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to keep them in shape, and even targeted fitness exercises are often not enough. Now, in addition to classic treatments, two new fillers promise to help.

Arms, just like other parts of the body, are affected by various signs of aging. The decreasing elasticity of the very thin skin on the inside of the arms is usually considered particularly annoying, as are fatty deposits that develop in the course of hormonal changes and are particularly stubborn here. What can be done if sport and a healthy diet do not help?

Liposuction – invasive and sustainable

Liposuction is considered a classic among treatments at the Beauty Doc, although liposuction is not so much for weight loss as for body contouring. “The procedure, performed under local anesthesia, involves the use of special and extremely fine cannulas, and requires two small incisions. With the fine cannulas, the unwanted fat cells are sucked out, wound healing occurs in the depth of the tissue, which at the same time ensures the firming of the connective tissue,” explains Dr. Gerhard Sattler, director and founder of the Rosenpark Clinic in Darmstadt. The procedure itself takes about an hour. Including pre- and post-operative preparation, however, you have to allow about three hours.


In addition to the surgical risks, expect sore muscles, bruising and at least two days of downtime in the days following the procedure. The RESULT is permanent and can be seen after four to six months. COST from 2.500 Euro.

Firm arms thanks to high-tech fillers

Another problem can be the inner skin of the arms. As with the décolleté, the skin here is particularly delicate and thin, there is little subcutaneous fatty tissue, and wrinkles become particularly visible. “If the inner skin of the upper arms tends to wrinkle, an area injection with the diluted filler ‘Radiesse’ can be performed,” emphasizes dermatologist Dr. Isabell Sick. “The filler also works very well on light veined skin on the forearms. The subcutaneous fatty tissue is significantly strengthened, and the skin feels stronger and firmer,” says Dr. Sick. The calcium hydroxyapatite used has so far been used primarily as a filler substance for building volume in the face. The further development is suitable for large-area use in the body area with a particularly long-lasting effect. A special technology (Micosphere Technology) stimulates the metabolism, allowing new connective tissue with a high collagen content to develop and wrinkles to disappear. Three applications are recommended at intervals of three months.

SIDE EFFECTS: Bruising and swelling are possible. The RESULT can be seen after about 3 months. COST 1,300 euros per treatment (on the upper arms). Forearms 750 euros.

Rejuvenation with hyaluron

“For superficial wrinkles, a hyaluronic acid injection can also help,” says Dr. Sick. “With the “Restylane Vital” filler, it is possible to inject thin-fluid hyaluronic acid into the uppermost layer of the skin, giving the skin new elasticity. With a gentle cannula technique, the treatment can be performed without visible SIDE EFFECTS perform” promises Dr. Sick The one-time application (repeat after about a year). COSTS 700 Euro.

Filler treatments can be perfectly combined with the fractional erbium laser against wrinkles (COSTS 750 Euro) or with IPL to remove age spots (COST 500 euros).

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