NEVER EVER – These three things create wrinkles!

Worse than any horror story: little wrinkles that seem to come overnight, then never leave. Although we like to perceive it as wrinkles “appearing overnight,” this is obviously not the case. The formation of wrinkles is a long process that can take years.

But why are some surprised with wrinkles on their face, décolleté or neck earlier than others? Factors such as genes, external living conditions and diet play an important role here. However, small everyday things that we would never associate with the pains on our face also contribute to the process of wrinkle formation. You want to know which ones? We will gladly tell you!

Sweet dreams: sleep masks as a cause of eye wrinkles

The particularly delicate and soft skin around the eye should definitely be protected from excessive external influences such as pressing, rubbing or pulling. Since sleep masks often fit tightly around the eye, this can cause skin irritation. This irritation leads to collagen breakdown, which initiates premature wrinkle formation.

What can you do to prevent this process? Quite simply, if you wear a sleep mask, then it should be loose fitting so that the skin is not stretched during the night. Also, when it comes to the material of the mask, make sure that it is soft fabric such as silk so that friction can be avoided. Another important point is to wash the sleeping mask regularly, so that the accumulation of bacteria triggered by creams and sweat is prevented and thus the development of inflammation and irritation can be prevented.

Wrinkles on the cleavage because of sports bra?!

Yes, you heard correctly! Although the sports bra is primarily for functionality during sports, it too has wrinkle-forming properties. The function of the sports bra is to squeeze the breasts to protect them during exercise. “Squeezing” can be fatal, especially when the skin has already thinned and lost elasticity. This is because what was once squeezed like an accordion is becoming increasingly difficult to spring back into its old shape. So the next time you buy a sports bra, make sure it fits well and give your skin more elasticity when wearing one by using moisturizing creams.

Not smart at all- smartphones promote wrinkling of the neck

Looking at your smartphone – countless times a day. Why you should definitely pay attention to how you hold your phone when you look at it in the near future? Quite simply, if you look down more often, you risk accelerated wrinkling of the neck! This is because the bent head ensures that the thin skin on the neck is bent and thus the horizontal wrinkles are deepened. Our tip is to always hold the phone as high as possible so that the skin on the neck does not have to bend and the wrinkles are thus prevented.