Never again dark circles! New tips and tricks

The night’s rest was once again too short. – In the morning, the eyes are again surrounded by dark shadows. But why does this unsightly discoloration occur in the first place? Are there a few tips and tricks to hide the annoying dark circles?

How and why do dark circles form?

First and foremost. so-called Tear trough is responsible for our dark circles. This is the upper area between the lower bone of the orbital rim and the upper lower eyelid rim. In addition, the Depth of the bony attachment plays an essential role. If the eye sockets are deeper, the eye circles are perceived more strongly.

In addition external factors and physical impairments Promote dark circles under the eyes. These include, for example, tension, overtiredness, alcohol and drug consumption, depression, allergies, age-related changes and pigment disorders.

As a rule arise dark circles under the eyes through the venous vascular plexuswhich shines through the skin. This is sometimes the reason why dark circles appear dark blue.

Through the Hyperpigmentation of the skin the circles under the eyes can also look brownish. – Especially people who have a dark complexion will notice that the shadows often look brownish and not bluish.

Already exist light circles under eyes, these appear due to the unfavorable Shadow formation even more intense.

Another disadvantage, which is related to the intensity of dark circles, is the thin lower eyelid skin. It has hardly any fatty tissue, but contains many blood vessels. These subsequently increase the dark circles under the eyes.

With increasing age comes a Loss of volume of facial fat added. The midface sags, so that there is a renewed aggravation of the rings. The cheerful and wide awake person, whose face was always radiant, may appear tired and have to struggle with an unflattering facial expression.

What methods make us look fresher again?

Dr. med. Martha Bernard knows that you first have to know your opponent in order to be able to beat him effectively. The following tips and tricks help to get the dark circles under the eyes under control.

Caffeine: Covering fluids and creams with caffeine boost blood flow so that the very thin vessels located under the eyes achieve a much higher flow rate of blood. As a result, the vessels contract and appear less bluish. Cool cucumber slices, which can be placed on the eyes, have a comparable effect. They provide fluid so that swelling subsides.

Ice: Eye circles that are dark and puffy should be treated with ice. This can lead to the removal of the water retention. Furthermore, the cold causes the blood vessels located in the eyes to contract. A light head massage is also helpful. The massage is performed with the little finger. It should be noted that tapping movements are performed in the direction of the root of the nose. Middle or ring fingers should not be used. Too much pressure can inevitably be applied here.

Vitamin A: Highly concentrated vitamin A, which can be found for example in pumpkins, acts on the one hand against wrinkles and has on the other hand a very lightening effect, so that the rings can be treated with this. Especially creams with the ingredients vitamin A and vitamin C are recommended, because they lighten and smooth the dark skin.

Permanent methods of aesthetic plastic surgery

Of course, there is also the possibility of a procedure to eliminate dark circles under the eyes. There is a possibility of placing a hyaluronic acid preparation above the cheekbone. Hyaluronic acid can also be injected directly along the tear trough. The advantage is that such procedures are very harmless.

It is important that those affected who decide to have an intervention contact experienced specialists who regularly perform such procedures. Specialist Dr. med. Martha Bernard offers treatment with hyaluronic acid and informs each patient in advance. In a personal consultation, the treatment options, the procedure of an intervention and possible risks are discussed.

Can dark circles be prevented?

Not only can they be treated. – They can also be prevented or reduced. Often they are Carelessness and stress, which cause dark circles to appear more prominent. They can also become more prominent when the Food too rich in salt was. The excess sodium binds the water in the body – even below the eyes.

Belly Sleeper suffer more often from such rings and puffy eyes, because the stomach sleeper lies in an unfavorable position.

It is therefore advisable to get enough sleep with two pillows and in the supine position, little stress and a low-salt diet. Sometimes help Yoga exercises or something Movement in the morningso that it comes to the faster lymphatic drainage. The organism gets going so that congestion can be released and the eyes appear more awake and younger.