Neck lift – what helps minimally invasive and surgical?

Gone are the days of wearing a turtleneck sweater after a certain age to hide wrinkles on the neck. Fortunately, there are innovative methods for neck lifting from aesthetic medicine.

It doesn’t have to be a swan neck à la Angelina Jolie, most of us would already be perfectly happy with a little less glamour. Unfortunately, the neck, like the hands, quickly betrays the true age. Since the neck, just like the face, greatly influences the overall perception of a person, many wish for a taut youthful look again. The skin here becomes thinner and thinner and increasingly loses tone and elasticity. What can be done about this in terms of neck tightening?

For aesthetic medicine, the neck is still a great challenge. The reason: the area to be treated is relatively large, and the skin is very thin. In addition, the neck is simply forgotten by most in their daily care and, just like the face, it is very often exposed to the sun. As a result, wrinkles appear on the neck.

Dr. Sonja Sattler, co-founder of the Rosenpark Clinic in Darmstadt, has been dealing with the subject of neck lifting for over 23 years. The clinic has been a center for body contouring, body skin rejuvenation and facial rejuvenation since its founding in 1997. Due to her decades of experience and permanent exchange with international colleagues, she knows exactly which treatment methods are promising.

Why are the wrinkles on the neck particularly visible?

“The neck has always been a difficult case in aesthetic medicine. At first it was assumed that the neck is less cared for than the face, which is probably true, however it also has some peculiarities, making signs of aging visible early.

Firstly, this area has fewer sebaceous glands, so the skin is drier and therefore small wrinkles can appear more quickly. Secondly, it is the most moved area on the whole body due to the constant movements of the head. It also often looks older than the face due to UV light, environmental factors and the intrinsic aging of our bodies.”

Are there minimally invasive treatments for a neck lift?

“Nowadays, thankfully, there are minimally invasive treatment options for the neck, the stipulation here is that the sooner it is worked against the better it is. The skin on the neck can be thickened with collagen stimulation or tightened with ultrasound treatment. Lasers can also be used to improve pigmentation disorders or veins. It is important for a good result to start treatment of this zone early.”

When is surgical intervention the best solution?

“In case of a too late decision for a treatment against skin aging on the neck, a surgical intervention is usually useful. With a neck-cheek lift, you can quickly achieve an optimal result. Improvements can also be achieved with minimally invasive treatment options, but after 70+, surgical treatment is often more effective.”

Does a neck lift always have to be performed in conjunction with a facelift?

“Since the retaining ligaments and also the neck muscles extend beyond the chin line, the tightening of the neck and cheeks should usually be combined. This is not a major facelift, however, the chin line should also be surgically treated in the process to achieve an even result.”

When is liposuction of a double chin appropriate?

“The area of the double chin (the so-called “submental region”) is usually genetically enriched with fat, consequently it is different for each person. However, this area can be treated very well with a small liposuction under local anesthesia, thus reducing the double chin quickly.”

Lead photo: Elizaveta Strelkova/Umsplash