Nature as anti-aging – scientifically proven

A breeze softly strokes through the treetops, water rushes and birds chirp somewhere. No wonder stress falls off you like autumn leaves in the wind. Even if you couldn’t travel to the Caribbean or other dream beaches this year – nature actually offers the chance for deep relaxation and pure wellness everywhere. Nature as an anti-aging source!

Whether hiking, swimming or just listening to the birds – whoever spends time in nature is more relaxed and usually in a better mood. One simply feels better, calmer, more comfortable and has made a quite fundamental experience, which one can use for its own health purposefully: nature as anti Aging and largest Wellness oasis of this world. And this is scientifically proven.

We are almost magically drawn to nature. A day at the lake, a walk in the woods, a trip to the mountains and everything in us seems to relax within a very short time. Subconsciously, we crave this time outdoors. And there is a good reason for this. Psychologically, nature is the space in which we are protected from too much stimuli and this has the best effects on our health.

Nature as anti-aging – scientifically proven

The so-called “Attention Restoration Theory” states that we can restore our attention in the midst of nature and concentrate better again – a boon for everyone, but especially for all stressed city people. Nature regenerates, fascinates, enables a distance from the daily work routine – nature as an anti-aging source! In nature we feel connected – with something that is bigger, more essential and more important than ourselves. Something that we may reverently call creation.

This very basic stress-reducing effect is the secret why nature is a free and at the same time priceless regeneration space. It doesn’t always have to be an expensive vacation, because nature offers numerous opportunities for relaxation everywhere.

Even a small dose is enough

BeachAccording to studies, even a small dose of nature can lower the level of the stress hormone cortisol, says Professor Anja Göritz of the Institute of Psychology in Freiburg. The green factor, as we experience it above all in the forest, seems to play a role in this, but is not absolutely necessary. It may also be a time-out in the mountains or by the sea.

Those who go to the mountains experience firsthand that hiking is wellness. Exercise in the fresh mountain air acts like a bath in the fountain of youth. This results in so-called erythropoiesis, the improvement of oxygen transport through the formation of new blood. Due to the oxygen-poor mountain air, the body has to work harder and the freshly formed blood cells supply our organism optimally with new oxygen. The result: we not only feel physically stronger, but can also look forward to an anti-aging booster.

Salt on my skin

But you don’t have to be a summit hunter to enjoy outdoor wellness. In particular, the health-promoting effect of seawater and sea air in the sense of thalasso can hardly be overestimated. Those who go to the sea usually stay in the so-called “stimulating climate”: sun, wind and water irritate the body on the one hand, on the other hand they have a healing and gentle effect. Long walks on the beach are better than any brine steam bath. Inhaling the salt water droplets can relieve respiratory problems such as asthma or chronic bronchitis.

If you are already on the beach, you should also definitely take the chance and walk barefoot. Because here the foot reflex zones are automatically stimulated by the unevenness of the ground. This in turn mobilizes self-healing powers – because the organs are to be stimulated by the stimulation of the foot reflex zones .

Free Beach Look

But that’s not all: salt water is also good for the hair and gives us a casual beach look. It provides more volume and hold – which is why you can also buy salt water sprays that conjure up relaxed waves. Sea water also helps against greasy hair, because it removes grease from the hair. Last but not least, salt water is a boon for the often irritated and stressed scalp.

The sound of the sea also has a special wellness effect: like other sounds of nature, it influences our brain in such a way that it more easily relieves stress. The sound of the sea even makes us feel less pain.

Photos: Riccardo Chiarini, David Vig, Frank Mckenna