My first time: Hyaluron filler against nasolabial folds

A fresher look and fewer wrinkles – that was media entrepreneur Bente Matthes’ wish list before her first visit to the beauty doc. And this is how the treatment with a hyaluron filler felt…

My face has always been a little different than most people’s. It’s asymmetrical, which was cute in my teens. However, at 30 plus, this became a – let’s say – teeny tiny problem: the asymmetry has led to a slight imbalance in cheek volume and, as a result, nasolabial folds.

Hyaluron filler against expression lines

The initial spark for the push-up came from a dear colleague who, based on her own experiences, encouraged me to try a hyaluron filler. She also had a doctor’s tip and recommended the Munich doctor Dr. Elisabeth Schuhmachers to me. With luck, I got an appointment in her practice shortly after our conversation.

The right choice of doctor

For me it was definitely the right step. Dr. Schuhmachers is a calm and personable doctor with extensive expertise and a fine sense of faces. She specializes not only in medical dermatology, but more importantly in aesthetic dermatology and especially in non-invasive procedures such as laser treatments, chemical peels, Botox and even hyaluronic injections. During our anamnesis conversation, she informed me in detail about all the risks and explained the exact procedures, and also watched me constantly. What feels strange at first has a good reason, of course. Dr. Schuhmachers, who is also an adjunct professor and speaker, wanted to read my facial expressions and the effects on my skin. We joked and talked about what I wanted and why I needed the treatment. And through it all, she paid attention to how my face reacted in serious moments as well as amusing ones.

Hyaluronic injections during the lunch break

Treatment preparation for filler injection with hyaluronWhile the dermatologist took half an hour just for the preliminary consultation, the filler injection went like a flash. Less than 15 minutes, about twenty quite tolerable pricks and two milliliters of Teoxane later, we were done. Now I understand why fillers are so popular with many people as “lunchtime treatments.” True, the risks include encapsulation or serious reactions like inflammation or allergic reactions in rare cases. But in most cases, it remains minimal bruising and minor swelling, mild burning or short-term sensitivity. So after the treatment the patient does not look anything and he is fully fit again. Only intensive sports are taboo for a few days, as well as strong chewing for a few hours. But this can really be tolerated…

Immediate visible results and improved contours

Particularly beguiling for me was the experience that the successes are immediately visible and impressively effective. This is also due to the fact that hyaluronic fillers from renowned manufacturers are becoming increasingly intelligent. The Hyaluron filler from Teoxane that I used, for example, belongs to a new generation of so-called monophasic and elastic fillers that distribute themselves very evenly in the tissue, creating soft and natural transitions. My facial skin did not need to be told twice and immediately became close friends with the moisturizing filler under the expert hands of the doctor. My skin was tight and radiant right after the treatment, without looking unnatural or puffy.

Lasts up to six months

“After about two weeks, which is when the slight swelling has healed, you can finally see the final result, which lasts about three to six months,” Dr. Schuhmachers told me. “However, follow-up injections may be necessary sooner.” That’s because responsible doctors who stand for natural beauty are very gentle with injections, especially for new patients. After all, the goal is to create a very natural look. Plus, even experienced doctors need to get to know the new face. Every skin is different – what is too much hyaluron for one face may be too little for another. By the way, a follow-up injection could happen to me. My expression lines are currently very stressed. Since my hyaluron injection I can’t get the grin off my face anymore…

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