My first Botox – a field report

Our author Angelika Brodde finally wanted to know: How does it feel to be treated with Botox and, above all, what is the effect?

I don’t know how often I have written about “Beautox”. But because wrinkles were not my topic so far, I had never seriously thought about testing the famous substance on my own body. However: Slowly I have to admit to myself that the bangs have to be placed very neatly over the forehead to conceal the wrinkles. Which is okay, after all, I’m 53. When the surgeon Dr. Cornelius Grüber offered to test the somewhat different vitamin B at a recent appointment at the Hanseaticum, I was gripped by curiosity: Does it really work that well?

Botox causes a surprise

The first appointment passes without anything taking place. It’s one of those tropically hot summer days in Hamburg (yes, there is such a thing!), and I’m on my bike. But a lot of heat and sweating weaken the effect of botulinum toxin, Dr. Grüber enlightens me, and recommends postponing the thing. Okay. The next cold front is not long in coming, so I return to the Hanseaticum. The procedure itself is extremely uncomplicated, although I don’t really consider these mini-picks to be a procedure, since every cleansing at the beautician’s is double and triple twirling. I should still properly grimassieren for the before pictures, then is pikst here and there, and then happens first of all: Nothing. Eight days later, my forehead feels different when I wake up. Somehow calm and warm. I rush to the mirror and realize that I can’t do eyebrow ballet anymore. I can raise my eyebrows, but much less than before. A few days later, I’m flabbergasted. In fact, the transverse wrinkles in my forehead have been significantly minimized when I’m at rest; it’s as if they simply needed a few days to smooth out properly.

Late unfolding through Botox

As a beauty journalist, I often meet beauty journalists, such a thing is in the nature of things. A few weeks into the appointment, one eyeballs me and asks, “Ok, say it, what did you have done? You look so fresh!” Well, I think to myself, let’s see what the expert sees. So I let her guess, and she guesses: Microdermabrasion. Hihi. Of course, I reveal my little secret and experience such an enthusiastic response that I could imagine my colleague trying Botox now, too. I know in any case that my first time was not my last.