My Better-Aging Diary: The Start

Nomen est omen – there’s hardly a better way to celebrate better aging. The venerable Swiss Grand Hotel Victoria Jungfrau has many years of experience with spa programs that literally get under your skin.

That my four-day Nescens Better Aging Program is also about more than pure relaxation, I learn even before my trip. Already one week before the start of the program, it is clarified whether I have any food intolerances or allergies or whether there are any special medical indications to be considered. I am also welcome to bring along my latest medical findings if I so wish. Those who book the Better Aging at the Victoria Jungfrau also receive intensive medical care. I am curious.

Full of motivation, we set off in the direction of Interlaken. On the way a delicious cappuccino, which will probably be rather taboo for the next few days. Theoretically, I know the topic of rejuvenation quite well. But how a better-aging program looks in practice and is combined with five-star luxury is new territory for me.

The start of the Nescens program begins the next day at 7:20 in the morning with a blood draw. Over the next few hours, I am put under the microscope. A body analysis provides information about my mineral status, the ratio of fat and muscle mass, the proportion of water in my body, and my calorie consumption at rest. The result: There is clearly room for improvement and a need for optimization.

Fat traps are unmasked

CHECK UPFood habits are analyzed and discussed in detail. My “fat traps”: cheese, olive oil, tapenade and avocados. These foods are actually on my table almost every day and, along with too much bread and the so-called empty carbohydrates, are healthy but unfortunately also very high in calories. Okay, the one or other pound too much can be explained with it quite. And of course, the feasts in restaurants and on trips also have an impact…

The body can compensate

osteopathyThen it’s on to the osteopathy check. Exciting what the osteopath tells me after an intensive hour. Although it’s the first time she’s seen me and she doesn’t ask any questions before the examination, she recognizes the effects of accidents that happened decades ago. However, she concludes, my body has learned to compensate for the consequences quite well.

After all the examinations and discussions, my customized program for the next few days is drawn up. The thing I’m most looking forward to is an hour a day with a personal trainer. What a luxury! Plus the great treatments at the spa and three-course meals twice a day that don’t exceed 1,200 calories. Sounds fantastic….