Morpheus8 – Experience with thermal lifting without surgery!

The promise is great: With Morpheus8, a brand new radio frequency technology, is designed to improve collagen and elastin fibers are repaired and the skin is tightened – a thermal lift without surgery. What are the experiences with Morpheus8? We have asked.

Suddenly the day comes when wrinkles appear deeper than usual. The Contours are more blurred and the skin no longer appears as firm as usual. But for this equal go under the knife? Today, doctors have plenty of gentle but effective methods up their sleeves to smooth the skin in the twinkling of an eye, lift sagging cheeks, in short: turn back the aging clock by a few years. Dr. Sacha Dunst explains what is behind Morpheus8 and for whom it is suitable.

Morpheus8 – the best of two methods

Morpheus8 – ever heard of it? Morpheus8 is not a term from space travel. Rather, it is an innovative radio frequency technology for skin tightening without surgery.

This procedure is cutting-edge and combines the best of two proven treatment approaches: Radiofrequency and Deep Needling. The innovative technology was developed for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and scar correction. What is behind it, how does Morpheus8 work and for which indications is it used?

Radiofrequency therapy has become an indispensable part of aesthetic medicine – as has deep needling. Both are considered wonder weapons when it comes to skin rejuvenation. The Swiss Clinic for Dermatology and Plastic Surgery skinmed is one of the first addresses to use Morpheus8.

The aim of the treatment is to tighten the skin and, if necessary, the fat cells to reduce. The tightening effect is created by the so-called Collagen shrinking, the collagen and elastin fibers contract, cell renewal is stimulated and the skin is smoothed, wrinkles disappear. Morpheus8, so to speak, stimulates the skin to regenerate itself from the inside.

Face lift without surgery

“Different parts of the body can be treated such as. the lower and middle face, neck, décolleté and neck as well as virtually all body regions, upper arms, abdomen back, thighs, knees and buttocks.“, emphasizes the specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery Dr. Sascha Dunst of the clinic skinmed.

Are there contraindications? “People with pacemakers or other electronically controlled implants are excluded. Pregnant women are also not allowed to be treated,” said Dr. Dunst, an expert in the use of the state-of-the-art tool.

And how does the method work? “With this particular Deep needling the needles are inserted up to 4 millimeters into the skin with a handpiece, where the needle tips emit a radiofrequency heat pulse. The tissue is sustainably tightened from the depths without stress or damage,” explains the doctor.

Procedure of treatment with Morpheus8

First, the face is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, then a local anesthetic is injected. The treatment itself then lasts, depending on the indication 30 to 60 minutes, whereby the device is placed precisely on the respective skin area.

Side effects and risks of radiofrequency therapy

After the treatment the skin is somewhat reddenedswelling and bruising may occur. Sensory disturbances are very rare, but they disappear within two weeks. During the week after treatment refrain from sauna and sunbathing.

Result and cost of facelift with Morpheus8

The Result is finally visible after about two to three months, as the skin needs this period of time to regenerate sustainably. Cost from 500 CHF.