More hair thanks to the right hair care

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Some days it is literally to pull hair. Then my already not particularly lush hair is completely without shine and fullness. Unfortunately, this happens more and more often and I have to realize that over the years not only the volume on the face, but also on the head decreases. What is the right hair care now?

For hair care, I have not taken much time so far. Is it perhaps because the fullness is dwindling? I’ll research that now and talk to a hair expert.

“As long as we are young, 85 percent of our hair is always in the growth phase and remains firmly anchored in the scalp for between three and six years. After that they fall out, a maximum of 100 a day is considered normal,” explains José Ginestar, head of research international at Sisley. I also learn that the hair grows back finer and finer over the years, mainly due to hormonal changes, loses its resistance and the hair roots are less and less firmly anchored.

The right hair care

That the scalp is the basis for healthy hair, is clear to me in theory. Is also logical – and yet I have consistently neglected them so far. Yet, I am further told, the scalp in more and more people is a real sensitive and often imbalanced, which promotes hair loss. The causes are varied: in addition to emotional stress, it is mainly a poor diet with industrial food, medications or a hormonal imbalance. Frequent hair coloring and daily styling are also not exactly a recovery program. Hair specialists therefore strongly recommend giving the skin on the head the same attention as the face. So pure hair care was yesterday, now it’s the turn of “Scalpcare”.

Haircare is the new Skincare

What many also do not know: The scalp is much more permeable than the skin on the face, has more pores and is therefore much more receptive. It is therefore worthwhile to rely on special and type-specific care products. This is where the new Haircare range from Sisley just right. After the face care of the French beauty company has already proven itself with me, I am highly motivated to test “Hair rituel”. Especially since the claim: “Haircare is the new skincare” meets exactly my concern.

How the Result fails, and a Podcast with hair specialist Thomas Kemper at next Monday, the 12.3. more!

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