Mommy Makeover without surgery – a field report

Trips are postponed, concerts hardly take place and celebrations are also few. People move closer together in difficult times. This was also the case during the Corona crisis. People spend more time at home and have more time for togetherness. According to experts, this also has an impact on sex life. “Couples have more sex,” assumes at least the psychotherapist and book author Wolfgang Krüger. Does more sex also mean more babies? It would be a nice side effect of the pandemic… And what does that mean for the time after pregnancy, for the topic of postnatal gymnastics?

Many gynecologists in private practice say that they are currently taking care of a lot of pregnant women, but there is no scientific evidence for this assessment. Whether corona-related or not, being a mother is the most beautiful thing in the world for many women, but sometimes it also leads to a woman no longer feeling comfortable in her body after having a baby. That’s when many think about postnatal gymnastics. This is now available in a high-tech version.

More and more mothers are fighting for their pre-baby body with great ambition. Sometimes, however, without any prospect of success, because even the most assiduous Pilates program won’t help if the vertical abdominal muscles are far apart and the fasciae – special fibers of the connective tissue – are extremely stretched. No matter how well the muscles are exercised and how tight the skin is, the internal organs lack support. Then, for many, postnatal gymnastics is on the agenda.

In fact, after the birth of a child, almost every woman deals intensively and more or less critically with her body. Whether extra pounds, stretch marks or sagging skin on the belly – all of a sudden you discover smaller or larger blemishes that weren’t there before pregnancy. And the sleepless nights also leave their mark. For many, the aging process seems to have suddenly taken a leap after giving birth. Does postnatal gymnastics help then?

Fast to the after baby body

Unfortunately, experts believe, it takes at least as long as the pregnancy itself for the physical changes to recede after the birth. For most mothers, however, the figure remains visibly altered. The happiness about the offspring can be overshadowed by self-doubt and discomfort, especially when celebrities and influencers have their perfect after-baby body admired on the net just two weeks after the birth. We mere mortals then wonder, “How does she do it?”

The difference, says Dr. Kristina Wiedelmann-Breloer, is that “normal mortals” usually don’t have a personal trainer, a nutrition coach or a 24/7 babysitter by their side: “It’s quite normal that the belly is still soft and rather flabby even months after giving birth. This is partly due to the abdominal muscles, which had to make room for the child, and partly due to the fat deposits that our bodies accumulate as a reserve during pregnancy,” says the medical expert.

“In what is called rectus diastasis, the effects of pregnancy go even further. Here, a noticeable vertical gap forms between the straight muscles below the sternum. For example, a rather heavy baby and a lot of amniotic fluid have overstretched the muscles. In the process, the individual fiber bundles have lost their ability to contract.”

Young woman with child after postpartum gymnasticsPostpartum gymnastics 3.0 thanks to high-tech

And what does the expert, who is frequently asked for advice in her practice in Frankfurt’s West End, recommend to get the belly back into shape? “Patience and targeted abdominal muscle training no earlier than eight weeks after the birth,” says Wiedelmann-Breoler. “But we also have a solution here at our practice for those who want to get their bodies in shape faster. Called the StimSure treatment, it uses electromagnetic stimulation to stimulate the abdominal muscles in a 20- to 30-minute session.” Up to 24,000 muscle contractions are triggered in just one session.”

Joanna, 39 from Düsseldorf, mother of a 3-year-old son, has tested exactly this: “I was always proud of my flat stomach. About three months after the birth of my son, I started exercising it again to get it into its usual shape. My goal was to achieve the original state. Then, when I did 4 sessions with the StimSure system, a few weeks after the treatments I noticed that my belly became even firmer and more toned than before pregnancy.

StimSure Session as Body Boost

This absolutely thrilled me and I can give hope to other moms of all ages that with the right beauty hacks, an after-baby belly can look even better than a pre-baby belly. Of course, exercise and a little discipline as well as healthy eating are still part of my lifestyle. However, the StimSure session gave me a super boost that I could really use, especially during this stressful “mommy time”. We moms know too well that we hardly find time for ourselves and for sports as long as the little ones are still so dependent on you.”

Her tip: “Give yourself time and be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Be kinder to yourself and love your body at every stage of life. However, if you feel like you need to do something for yourself once in a while, there are now great options to help you do that, all without surgery or downtime.”

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