Mock fasting – fasting with anti-aging effect!

New studies prove the effectiveness of fasting. It stimulates the body’s self-healing powers, can lower blood pressure and strengthen the immune system. Now there is a new method that sounds promising: mock fasting.

Fasting, whether for a week or even just a day, is in vogue: 63 percent of Germans consider the temporary abstention from food to be valuable for their health, according to a forsa survey. In our consumption-oriented, often stressful times, less is perhaps the new more and a way to bring us back into balance. And now, then, mock fasting. What’s behind it?

What exactly does mock fasting mean? One fasts, can eat however, makes thus no pure drinking cure. In mock fasting, the body thinks it is fasting because there are only low-carbohydrate vegetables or salads and vegetable oils. The whole thing lasts five days and is based on the research of the “longevity diet” of the US age researcher Professor Valter Longo.

At the heart of mock fasting is a diet program that originated in the U.S. called “Fasting Mimicking.” The food in mock fasting is reduced in calories, contains hardly any carbohydrates and also little protein, and should not exceed 1000 calories. Mimicking fasting not only reduces the amount of fat in the body, it is also pure anti-aging!

Professor Bernd Kleine-Gunk, gynecologist and president of the German Society for Prevention and Anti-Aging Medicine explains: “If you consume few calories, the body reacts to this by ramping up its protective mechanisms. Repair processes are started. This state is called “autophagy”. Important enzymes that are released in this process are the sirutins. They are responsible for clearing away cellular garbage.”

The older we get, the more sluggish the cells become and the less often the “junk” is cleared. Boosting sirutunin production clears away waste in the tissues or brain. Mock fasting puts the organism into the rejuvenating fasting metabolism without the need to starve as in classic zero diets.

Mock fasting as anti-aging!

And what exactly can you eat during mock fasting? The anti-aging expert recommends a purely plant-based diet consisting of 80 percent vegetables and a maximum of ten percent proteins and ten percent carbohydrates.

Allowed are all kinds of vegetables, vegetable soups, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, olive oil, linseed oil unsweetened herbal tea and a maximum of one cup of black coffee a day.

More in addition in the practice councellor: The new Easy chamfering by Bernhard Hobelsberger and Professor Bernd small Gunk, GU publishing house. And: who would like to have it completely “easy” can order the illusory fasting cure in a box of Prolon (chamfering box for five days 179 euro).

One experiences thus no hunger crises.