Minimalist Beauty – less is more

Daily anti-aging skin care rituals for beautiful, healthy and young skin are important and right. No question about it. But if you add up how many different ingredients of cleanser, toner, serum, face and eye cream and then make-up and powder during the day the skin has to cope with per day, then you easily come to 100 or even more. Some creams even contain 80 ingredients. A single cream! One may hardly believe it…

One thing is clear: without anti-aging care, the skin becomes dry and flaky, wrinkles and fine lines form, pigmentation spots appear, and it reacts with impurities and clogged pores. On the other hand, sensitive skin in particular reacts with impurities, redness and pimples to the many different ingredients of creams, serums and lotions. This can even lead to allergies or neurodermatitis.

The new Less-is-more philosophy from America is also finding more and more followers here in Germany. Products with few active ingredients, but in maximum concentration. After all, the effectiveness of a product does not depend on how much is in it. Logically, many ingredients mean that only a small amount of each can be in the cream. And especially with anti-aging skin care, it’s important that the products are highly effective. Less is more!

The solution: Minimalist Beauty

The minimalist beauty trend also includes reduced cleansing rituals. Cleanse the face in the morning with water only and in the evening use a micellar water instead of a cleanser, for example, and apply a facial oil afterwards with a moistened cotton ball. Do not use a night cream afterwards.

Only 10 ingredients

You can also take this opportunity to check your bathroom cabinet to see what you really need and what you don’t. No one needs three different cleansers, for example, and the cleavage cream that has been sitting unused on the top shelf for so long, as well as the dried nail polish in punk pink – get rid of it.

Among other things, yesterday I destroyed two toners, both half-empty, an eye cream, best-before date past 6 months, and a face cream that gives me pimples but I hoped each time it would NOT be this time. I felt wonderfully liberated after the cleanup!

None of these anti-aging beauty products have more than 10 ingredients:

Products from left to right/bottom:

  1. Stop Stress Ampoule from the Ampoule Concentrates line by Babor (7 x 2 ml, 29,90 Euro)
  2. Purifying Formula cellJET set from Reviderm (5 x 5 ml, with ultrasound device, 149 Euro)
  3. Skin Balm by Klapp X-Treme in Light Beige or Classic Beige (30 ml, 22.10 Euro)
  4. Pure Serum Collection with only one active ingredient each by Apot.Care (10 ml each, 29 euros each);

Text: Conny Eyssen

Lead image: Pexels/it’s me neosiam

Photos: PR