Microneedling & radiofrequency therapy – the perfect duo

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AGNES – ever heard of it? AGNES is not a female first name. Behind the five letters is a brand new radiofrequency therapy for skin tightening without surgery.

This procedure is topical and combined the best from two proven treatment approachesradiofrequency therapy and microneedling. Like many innovations in aesthetic dermatology, AGNES was developed in South Korea. What is behind it, how does AGNES work and when is it used?

Radiofrequency therapy has become an indispensable part of aesthetic medicine and cosmetics – just like microneedling. Both are considered to be Wonder Weapon, when it comes to Skin tightening and Skin rejuvenation goes without surgery.

Microneedling perfected

During the treatment, small needles penetrate the surface of the skin. Then, a heat pulse (radio frequency) is delivered within milliseconds. “Radio frequency waves are electromagnetic waves with more than one thousand oscillations per second. With AGNES specially developed titanium needles are then inserted into the skin at the appropriate depth and needle length, depending on the indication. There they emit heat, which fat melts and collagen is tightened. Growth factors are released and fat reduction is accelerated,” explains dermatologist Tatiana von Bayern, who successfully uses the device in her Munich practice.

The aim is to to tighten the skin and if necessary the fat cells to reduce. The tightening effect is created by the so-called Collagen shrinking, the collagen and elastin fibers contract, the skin is smoothed, wrinkles disappear. AGNES, so to speak, stimulates the skin to regenerate itself from the inside.

Radiofrequency therapy for skin tightening without surgery

“Different body regions can be treated such as. neck, chin or hamster cheeks. Also Lower eyelid-Fatty bags can be tightened quickly and gently without surgery,” emphasizes the dermatologist.

Another indication is the inflammatory acne. The hair follicle together with the sebaceous gland is destroyed by the heat and can therefore no longer ignite. Immediately after treatment, the sebaceous gland contents are expelled to the outside and can be cleaned out the next day.

Are there contraindications? “People with pacemakers or other electronically controlled implants are excluded. Pregnant women are also not allowed to be treated,” said Dr. von Bayern.

Microneedling treatment procedure

First, the face is thoroughly cleansed and disinfected, then an anesthetic cream is applied and left to work for about 30 minutes. If necessary, a local anesthetic can also be injected. The treatment itself then lasts, depending on the indication up to 90 minutes, whereby the device is placed precisely on the respective skin area. The treatment is through the anesthetic cream not very painful. One feels the punctures as small electrical impulses.

Side effects and risks of radiofrequency therapy

After treatment, the skin is somewhat reddened, swelling and bruising may occur. Sensitivity disorders may occur, but they disappear within two weeks. Avoid sauna and sunbathing in the week following the treatment.

Result and cost of facelift

The Result is finally visible after about three months, as the skin needs this period of time to regenerate sustainably. Cost from cirka 250 Euro (acne) and from 450 Euro (skin tightening, lipolysis) depending on the indication per treatment.