Microneedling for men

Microneedling in men – A field report

Microneedling ideal for men’s skin

Microneedling is ideal for men. Because daily shaving and environmental influences put a lot of stress on men’s skin. In addition, men’s skin ages much faster than women’s skin from the age of 35. It is therefore in particular need of repair and regeneration. And microneedling is perfect for this. In my practice in Munich, I treat a number of male patients. And the experiences I have had with microneedling with them are consistently positive. The skin appearance has improved significantly in all of them. Acne scars have visibly faded. I would like to describe a few of my experiences with Microneedling in men in this report. These are the topics:

  • What is Microneedling?
  • Why Microneedling
  • Microneedling and men’s skin
  • Experiences with Microneedling and Botox

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling: puncture of the skin with needles

My husband Thomas after his very first microneedling experience. The skin is very red after needling, it will stay that way for 1-2 days.

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure in which the skin is punctured with numerous needles. The needle pricks create microfine injuries under the skin. And these, in turn, initiate a healing process during which collagen, elastin and hyaluron are newly formed. In this way, the skin is regenerated. Puncturing can be done in various ways, e.g. small rollers studded with dozens of needles. Or electrically, with special devices. With these, the needles are “stamped” into the skin. But by whatever means: in principle, it is only a matter of achieving such punctures in large numbers. And at a sufficient depth.

The stitches must be deep

The depth of the stitches is crucial for the success of microneedling. In my experience, 0.7 mm to 1.5 mm is required for proper microneedling, which is what we are talking about here. Only then will the collagen synthesis get going. And only then the skin is repaired and regenerated. I myself regularly have between 1.5 mm and 2 mm needled. At least 2-3 times a year. Because microneedling at this depth can only be done by a doctor, it is also called “medical needling”. What are the benefits of such needling?

Helps with scars and poor skin appearance

Microneedling achieves good results with scars, for example. Classically, it is used to treat acne scars. Recently, I achieved good results with a patient who had been bitten by a dog (the costs of microneedling were completely covered by her accident insurance). I also have good experience with microneedling in the treatment of large pores and oily skin. Such a treatment is shown in the video of this article. Microneedling can be combined with other therapies such as peeling, hyaluron or PRP to achieve a certain effect. As you can read in other posts of my blog, I have good experience with the combination Microneedling + PRP and Microneedling + Botox in my patients.

Why Microneedling?

Microneedling is able to repair structural damage of the skin. Thus, it brings much more than creams and lotions. And although it does not smooth out wrinkles as Botox does, microneedling is always sufficient for reducing wrinkles and lines in my experience. The big advantage of microneedling over Botox or Hyaluron, however, is that the skin is actually renewed. The treated area does not just appear younger. But it is also younger.

Microneedling regenerates the skin

Microneedling stimulates skin regeneration, I already said that above. In medical terms, it is called “collagen induction”. Collagen is an important component of the subcutaneous tissue and connective tissue. By renewing collagen fibers, skin damage such as scars can be repaired. Microneedling is already very popular among women. For example, microneedling has been very successful in treating stretch marks. These are clearly visible tears in the tissue, e.g. after pregnancy. Microneedling also has a rejuvenating effect on the face. Because here new collagen provides a tightening and a fresh complexion.

Microneedling and men’s skin

Microneedling is especially interesting for men’s skin. This is because men’s skin contains significantly more collagen than women’s skin. In addition, unlike in women, the collagen fibers do not run parallel, but form a network. This makes men’s skin significantly firmer and more robust. It also ages more slowly than women’s skin up to the age of 30. After that, however, it goes rapidly downhill. This is because the formation of new collagen fibers slows down from the age of 35. And with it, the firming effect of collagen diminishes. The skin loses its elasticity. The supporting corset of collagen, which has long kept the skin firm and smooth, now becomes the rigid modeling clay of the aging process. Deep wrinkles dig into it. Circles under the eyes and bags under the eyes become more and more obvious.

Microneedling counteracts this process. By stimulating collagen synthesis, it ensures the revitalization of the skin. Supporting collagen fibers are renewed, the skin becomes firm and elastic again. Skin imperfections and minor wrinkles are eliminated. Microneedling achieves what the male body is only capable of to a limited extent, even after the age of 35.

Experiences with Microneedling and Microbotox

Microneedling also opens very interesting possibilities of combination with other anti-aging techniques. For example, I have good experience with the combination of microneedling and Botox for oily skin and large pores. Many men also suffer from this. Therefore, this treatment is also very interesting for them. The Botox is diluted very much, 3-5 times more than usual. The technique owes its nickname “Microbotox” to the high dilution. The diluted toxin is then not injected into a muscle, but superficially into the skin. This can be done with injections, but also with microneedling. In this way, one achieves the combined effect of both therapies. I told my husband Thomas about it and he spontaneously wanted to try it out. That was a good thing, because it gave us the opportunity to record his very first experience with microneedling and Botox on video.

What is being done in the video?

Important: anesthesia!

I often have myself needled. And in my experience, microneedling is unbearable without anesthesia. So I applied the lidocaine extra thick on Thomas’ face. Afterwards he would hardly feel anything from the needling. I applied it especially thickly to his nose. The nose is very sensitive. Even patients who are not sensitive usually insist on anesthetic cream for the nose. To enhance the effect of the cream, I covered his face with foil afterwards. This is called “occlusion.” As you can see in the video, Thomas feels no pain on his nose, only a distinct tickling sensation.

Needling with Botox

In the video you can see how the Botox is applied while geneedling. The distribution on the skin follows a kind of checkerboard pattern. The needles stamp 150 microfine channels 0.75 mm deep into each square centimeter of the skin. Through these channels, the Botox can penetrate into the deep layers of the skin. It then unfolds its effect there. For the treatment of Thomas’ face, the Botox was 4 times more diluted than usual.

The day after

The very next day, there were hardly any traces of the treatment left on Thomas. His face was red for a few hours, but the next day everything was fine again. Immediately after the treatment, however, the redness was still so severe that he would not have wanted to attend any appointments in any case. His face looked as if he had a severe sunburn.

I therefore recommend to all my patients that they schedule a microneedling to allow 1-2 days for recovery. For a deeper needling than Thomas’, with depths of 1 to 2 mm, it is even 2-3 days. In my experience, one is then not socially acceptable due to the redness and isolated hematomas that microneedling can cause.

How often to repeat?

The combined treatment of microneedling and Botox repeats Thomas every 4 months. Then the effect of the Botox on the skin wears off so significantly that it needs to be refreshed. Thomas repeated the microneedling without Botox a total of three times at intervals of 4 weeks. And since then he repeats the treatment every 6 months. Because of the positive experience Thomas has had with Microneedling, it has become part of his skin care routine.