Mesotherapy for more hair – can it work?

Injections or a kind of gun can be used to successfully fight hair loss and thinning hair. Mesotherapy for more hair on the head – can it work? A patient reports.

Strong, long hair has always been her dream. Unfortunately, it has not yet come true. “When it comes to hair, nature has been a bit stingy with me. And after the birth of my two children, it became even finer. I learned about mesotherapy from a friend: With the help of injections or a kind of injection gun (similar to what we know from vaccinations), highly effective substances are injected under the scalp. I’m excited,” explains Sonja S.*.

The gentle procedure is supposed to help against hair loss and hair that is becoming weak. “Beforehand, however, you should have it medically clarified that the hair loss is not due to disease or hormones,” emphasizes Munich dermatologist Dr. Elisabeth Schuhmachers, “although mesotherapy has a supportive effect in any case.” The procedure itself then takes about fifteen minutes and stings a bit. Dr. Schumachers, explains to me that she has injected a vitamin-active substance cocktail into my scalp. It contains valuable ingredients such as. Growth Factors, Hyaluronic Acid, Co Enzyme Q10, Copper Peptides, Arginine, Lysine and Niacin.

Mesotherapy cost and treatment duration

About three to five sessions are required (cost per session about 300 euros). Increased hair growth should then be noticeable after six to twelve weeks.

“Incidentally, mesotherapy with this punctual injection technique originated in France and has been used there for 50 years – primarily in local pain therapy,” explains the physician and president of the German Society for Mesotherapy, Dr. Britta Knoll. The philosophy of the founder of this procedure, Dr. Michel Pistor, is: “Little, rarely and in the right place”. This has enabled the French doctor to significantly reduce the side effects of medications because the latter do not enter the body’s overall system. “In the medical field, mesotherapy has been particularly successful for headaches and migraines, rheumatic diseases and arthritis of all kinds, stress, exhaustion and sleep disorders,” says Dr. Knoll.

Mesotherapy – active ingredient boost to the point

In aesthetic medicine, mesotherapy is also used against wrinkles or cellulite. I like the idea that active ingredients are delivered in this gentle way to exactly where they are supposed to work. “Best of all,” says Dr. Schumachers, who uses mesotherapy regularly in her practice, “other than mild redness, there are no side effects with any application.” That’s why I’ve already made up my mind that I’m going to have my neck pricked by Dr. Schumachers in a future session – I will report about it on 04 November.

*The full name is known to the editors