Men Beauty – the well-groomed man

Skin care is now as normal for men as picking up their own shirts from the dry cleaners. Man (s) wants to look good and young. Of course, because then you score points with the female sex as well as in the job! Men’s beauty is therefore very popular.

“We conclude from one good quality – appearance – that this person must also have other good qualities,” says Ulrich Rosar, professor of social sciences at Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf. “If someone looks good, we intuitively assume that they are more intelligent, hardworking, creative and reliable than others.”

Well, Men’s skin is different than women’s skin. It is thicker, has larger pores and a higher fat content, which protects it better from drying out. However, men’s skin is home to fewer of the important Antioxidants, which are indispensable in the defense against the free radicals are. As environmental pollution increases and the army of free radicals is thus constantly growing, men must therefore protect their skin intensively.

Unfortunately, in addition to the previously known environmental toxins, there is now also the Light pollution added. The cause is artificial light, which is available 24 hours a day. Artificial light includes what is known as bluelight. Although it is also part of normal daylight, it also irradiates us in continuous mode via LED light in laptops, cell phones and tablets. The Bluelight penetrates the skin almost as deeply as the sun’s dangerous UVA light, according to the latest scientific findings. The bluelight rays can influence the collagen fibers deep down in the skin damage and in addition to sagging tissue, pigmentation spots, redness, scaly patches and Wrinkles left behind.

Men’s beauty – fillers are also part of it

So it’s no wonder that, in addition to effective skin care products, a trip to the beauty doc is increasingly on the male agenda. The list of treatments is headed by minimally invasive treatments with Botox and Fillers. “In non-surgical treatments, the Wrinkle Treatment in men is a high priority,” reports plastic surgeon Dr. Caroline Kim. “Among other things, this has to do with the pronounced male facial musculature to do with some wrinkles, such as the Frown line on the forehead, appears particularly prominent,” says Dr. Kim. A supposedly angry and worried facial expression disappears after treatment with Botulinum toxin. The wrinkle itself can be treated with a Hyaluronic acid filler smooth.

But also Nasolabial folds are a common problem due to the strong male facial expression. They can be treated with Hyaluronic acid can be perfectly replenished. New studies prove that with regular use, less and less material is needed. Very important to the plastic surgeon are her detailed consultations and the time she takes for an initial treatment. She always plans a whole hour for this.

The RESULT of Botox treatment can be seen after 3 to four days, the results of filler treatments are visible immediately. COST From 450 euros.