Masculine beautiful with hyaluron fillers

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Men are catching up when it comes to beauty. Aesthetics in general has long since ceased to be a purely female topic. The male sex has also recognized the diverse possibilities of aesthetic treatments. They are therefore increasingly going to the beauty doctor, and treatments with hyaluron fillers are leading the treatment list.

What was frowned upon as completely unmanly a decade ago is now frequently on the agenda for many men. If you believe the surveys of market studies and the statements of trend researchers, then a new age has dawned for men. Men now view themselves very self-critically. The fact that a well-groomed appearance clearly provides advantages is affirmed by 89 percent of men according to the market study of a large cosmetics company.

Surveys by the DGĂ„PC (German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) show that the proportion of male patients is growing steadily. Men know that professional success is influenced not only by their performance but also by their appearance. 53 percent of those surveyed say that they feel more self-confident when they are well-groomed. And a study by the London School of Economics found that people who look attractive earn more on average. 67 percent of HR decision-makers believe that good looks have a positive effect on a career.

No wonder, then, that going to an aesthetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon is seen as an investment in one’s stock. Men also have famous role models. Even idolized screen heroes do a lot for their visual image. Sylvester Stallone regularly polishes his complexion with a peeling, and George Cloony even publicly admits that his eyelids have been tightened. The two men are fully in line with the trend.

Natural results with hyaluron fillers

Treating wrinkles, contouring the face – this is possible with hyaluron fillers from Restylane. The fillers consist of crystal clear hyaluron gel of non-animal origin and are produced by biosynthesis. Therefore, there is a low risk of allergy. However, Restylane products are not only excellent wrinkle fillers, but can also stimulate the formation of new collagen in the skin. This has been discovered by scientists at the Michigan School of Dermatology (USA). The fibroplasts are stimulated by Restylane and encouraged to synthesize new collagen.

Overall, Restylane provides many treatment alternatives – from wrinkle smoothing to facial contour sculpting to lip shaping. Restylane has been successfully used in over 30 million treatments worldwide, so its clinical efficacy is widely documented. Also increasingly important to patients is that Restylane improves appearance in a very natural-looking, gentle way. One(s) immediately looks fresher but not “done” after treatment.

The treatment itself is straightforward. The gel is injected in tiny amounts with a very fine needle. The hyaluron, each designed for different needs, adds volume to the skin, lifting and smoothing wrinkles, shaping lips and sculpting facial contours. Results are visible immediately and last up to 18 months.

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