Man breast: causes and solutions

If the mammary glands enlarge in a man so that the breast takes on an increasingly feminine shape as a result, the medical profession refers to this as “Gynecomastia”. Those affected complain of a feeling of tension in the breast and often have very sensitive nipples. In addition, however, the psychological burden can be disregarded. The feeling of shame can also be so high that it is not possible for the affected person to enter into a partnership.

But why does enlargement of the mammary glands occur in the first place? Drugs, such as ACE inhibitors, Spironolcaton or antidepressants can have just as much of an influence, as can certain diseases (chronic renal or also hepatic insufficiency as well as breast cancer) or also Obesity or cosmetics containing estrogenic substances. But also hormonal changes, such as a Estrogen excess or a reduced production of Testosterone, can provide for breast growth.

Private service: patients usually have to pay for the procedure themselves

The first step is a consultation with the doctor. In the course of the first contact, the breast is also palpated. Subsequently, the physician wants to find out what is responsible for the growth of the mammary glands. As a rule, the hormone, liver and kidney values are checked with the blood test – sometimes X-rays, ultrasound examinations or even a computer tomography are also required. In a familiar environment, Dr. Bernard can determine the cause of gynecomastia and advise you through years of experience.

It is important to consider the various risks such as side effects in advance. Only in very few cases, if a hormonal change has been determined as the cause, a therapy with medication is recommended. You will be informed in detail about all risks and side effects of such an intervention in the Giessler practice.

If a decision is made in favor of a surgical intervention, it is almost always a private service. The health insurance companies only cover the costs incurred in certain exceptional cases: Only when certain examinations result in an exact diagnosis, so that it can really be confirmed that it is a correct Gynecomastia the costs will be covered. If there is only a suspicion or a possibility that it is another disease, the health insurance company will refuse to cover the costs.

The cost of such a procedure depends on the size as well as the duration. If, in addition, liposuction must also be performed, the patient must assume a significantly higher price. The exact costs will also be examined in more detail in a personal consultation.

How does the procedure proceed?

During a surgical procedure, the mammary gland tissue is removed. This is a procedure that should not be underestimated. Therefore, the operation is always performed under general anesthesia.

To begin, the physician makes a crescent-shaped incision under the areola. The doctor can then remove the excess mammary gland tissue through the incision. The removed tissue is always examined by a pathologist. In this way, it can be ruled out that it is a pathological change – rather, it is a matter of removing a to exclude a breast tumor.

As a rule, the physician places a Drainageso that there is a smooth drainage of the wound secretion. The tight chest bandage applied after the operation provides better fixation so that the best possible result can be achieved.

Dr. Martha Bernard also performs this type of surgery. So if you are looking for a medical doctor who is familiar with “man boobs”, you will find an experienced contact person in the Munich practice.

Problem should not be underestimated

Men who suffer from a man boob should not accept the circumstance, but actively fight the problem. In addition, one should also not disregard the fact that behind the ever-growing breast can also be a serious disease, such as a tumor. In the end, it is not only about the visual effect, but also about the health aspect.