Male genital warts and the possible treatment

It is well known that about three percent of all women suffer from plantar warts. Less well known, however, is that this rare phenomenon can also occur in men. Although the symptoms are similar, the causes of inverted nipples in men are different. In a woman, shortened milk ducts are the main reason for the development of inverted nipples, while in men the cause is generally shortened connective tissue.

Men also have milk ducts

Biologically, they are superfluous, but men also have milk ducts. However, they are present only in small numbers and have no effect on the development of inverted nipples. Nevertheless, in men, inverted nipples can occur. The cause is then a general shortening of the connective tissuewhich retracts the nipple into the areola.

For many men this is a visually serious problem, because at the latest in the swimming pool it is common for men to present the upper body freely. The psychological pressure can be enormouswhereas the physical effects are rather minor. Rarely, inflammation occurs in the space between the nipple and areola, which may extend to an abscess.

Correct inverted nipples in men

Specialists such as Martha Bernard, MD, offer surgical nipple correction for women with great success. But which treatment methods are suitable for men? In principle, surgical intervention is also conceivable here, but there are also non-invasive methods.

If the inverted nipples in men are only slightly pronounced and present on one side, an Nipple piercing can provide a remedy. This prevents the nipple from retracting back into its vestibule. This piercing is not placed in tattoo studios, but by a doctor and under local anesthesia.

With the help of Nipple shapers it is also possible to create a negative pressure and thus turn the nipple outward. Such therapy is lengthy and not always successful. In some cases, surgery is the only permanent hope.

The surgery of the male inverted nipples

In order to treat male hernias surgically, a Solution of the shortened connective tissue in the breast is required. During the operation, several small incisions are made in the area between the nipple and areola. The connective tissue is then loosened, the nipple is brought out and sutured. The procedure results in scars that fade over time. With a treatment of GynecomastiaIn the case of gynecomastia, which often involves a combination of liposuction and removal of the glandular tissue, inverted nipples in men can also be corrected.