Luxury for the skin with anti-aging care

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – we knew that. But the fact that they are also supposed to make the complexion glow is surprising. Cosmetics are increasingly using precious materials as active ingredient bombs. If you want to experience Christmas radiant, these beauty jewels might be something for your wish list. Luxury for the skin!

Golden Girls wish luxury for the skin

Women over 50 not only need particularly intensive care. The complexion should also in the right light are set. Luxury for the skin! This is ensured by an intelligent technology, the photoluminescence technology. It is in Hourglass’ “Ambient Sculpture” powder. The powder of the palette captures the light, focuses it and makes it look softer on the skin. This makes the complexion look more even and gives it a sophisticated glow. The shades are intended to Contour skin. They can be applied individually or as layering.
Ambient Sculpture by Hourglass | Price: approx. 65 euros

Like velvet and silk

A World novelty is a Micro Mousse Treatment that is supposed to act like a wake-up call for the skin. The motto: “train your skin” – Micro Bubbles and Koishimaru Silk Royal are supposed to make the skin glow. How does it work? An innovative process makes it possible by micro-bubbles can be produced in a diameter so small that they are smaller than a skin pore. The scientists at the Japanese company Sensai have more than 10 years of research invested to develop this process, described by the company as a world first. Pure luxury for the skin!
Micro Mousse Treatment by Sensai | Price: cirka 169,00 Euro / 90 ml

Glitter with diamonds around the bet

And diamonds are also said to be wonder weapons when it comes to eternal youth. In the Day & Night Cream, a diamond-bound peptide serves as a luxury messenger and is with marine Biotechnological Ferment, hyaluronic acid and Acmella Oleracea extract. The coordinated active ingredients are said to provide a fresh glow. The diamond dust reflects light and makes the skin appear more even and fine. Diamont Day & Night Cream by Klapp| Price: cirka 94,00 Euro / 50 ml

Black gold: caviar
juvena master caviar cream

Radiantly beautiful with a deep-acting complex of silk and caviar. This is said to supply the skin with valuable proteins, minerals and trace elements, so that the skin’s moisture retention capacity can be decisively improved. Valuable oils and hyaluronic acid round off this unique care formula.

Master Caviar Cream by Juvena | Price: approx. 150,00 Euro / 50 ml

Power for more energy

Pure gold is a highlight for the skin. Gold is said to have anti-inflammatory, calming properties. Babor’s seven Powershots are designed to give skin a boost of energy and plump it up from the inside. Step 1 “Rose Gold Energy” is said to promote vitality, Step 2 “Gold Volume” plumps up and protects against oxidative stress, and Step 3 “Platinum Lift” provides a lifting effect.

Precious Collection by Babor | Price: approx. 49.00 euros / 14 ml

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