Luxury beauty with gold, silver and pearls

Saving money has never been more bland. Interest? What kind of interest? But of course you’re supposed to make provisions for old age. But what does that have to do with anti-aging? Well, savings books, Riester pensions and life insurance policies don’t make you younger. On the contrary – when you get the annual notices saying that the interest rate has been lowered yet again, you get even more wrinkles from it.

Solution: Let’s invest in retirement savings that pay off and make you more beautiful. In beauty products that help with noble ingredients against wrinkles and fine lines, against a tired and sagging complexion and against thin and split hair. So go for it, with pearls, diamonds and gold or caviar. Once, because they just beautify skin and hair, but also are caresses for our soul. Psychologists point to surveys that show that half of those surveyed feel happier and more relaxed when they buy luxury products. That’s right, I can only say. I feel the same way. Well: Happiness + relaxation = fewer wrinkles, looking younger.

Pearls, let’s take pearls for example: they have been known for a long time, for example in traditional Chinese medicine, for their beauty effects. In addition to sea mineral water, pearl extracts contain many trace elements such as zinc, selenium, lithium, phosphorus, iodine, iron and magnesium plus lots of different amino acids. They moisturize the skin, accelerate regeneration and metabolism and keep the skin beautifully supple.

Luxury Beauty – an investment that pays off

And gold – let’s talk about gold. Is pleasing, after all, that gold extract nourish the skin and stimulate collagen production. Which has the nice effect of making the skin look younger and healthier. Once apart from the delicate glow that creams with gold extract give the complexion. By the way, scientists have discovered that the precious metal has an antibacterial effect, so it’s good for those who suffer from blemished skin.

Then, of course, we have silver – it was used in ancient times as a remedy to treat inflammation. Colloidal silver in creams and lotions can be very helpful for skin that is prone to impurities. By the way, you can also enjoy an invigorating result and a rejuvenated-looking complexion.

In the care specialists of the Luxess series by Phyris are, among other things, extracts of black Tahitian pearls. The effect: the structure of the skin is improved and it is tightened and looks rosier.

Alchemy! Beauty specialist Julisis offers a care range with liquid silver. The precious metal preserves the natural acid mantle of the skin and therefore protects it from the dreaded loss of moisture, which makes the complexion look gray and leads to wrinkles.

More on luxury skincare next week. What caviar and diamonds have to look for in a cream you can read on 19.12.. Maybe you will find a last minute gift in our product selection…

“Travel Kit Silver” by JULISIS, circa 185 Euro, “24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Prism Cream” by Peter Thomas Roth, circa 95 Euro, “Ultra Pure Solutions” by M2 Beauté, circa 95 Euro, “Moisture Skinsation” by Juvena, circa 25 Euro

Text: Conny Eyssen

Lead photo: Kobrin Photo/