Lotus – the anti-aging gift of the gods

Yes, yes, “anti-aging gift of the gods” sounds pretty exaggerated at first. But it’s true. I swear. Lotus is a true anti-aging booster with which gods – like Buddha – adorn themselves, present us and silently ask us: Be like the lotus flower and blossom anew every day.

This request has also been heard by beauty companies, who have researched and investigated and discarded and experimented further to discover the beauty boosters of the lotus flower and then put them into their products. What they have found in terms of beautifying and rejuvenating active ingredients is nothing short of divine, especially when it comes to anti-aging….

Extracts from the lotus flower firm and tighten the skin and provide it with as much moisture – figuratively speaking – as a refreshing rainforest shower. The flavonoids and proteins contained in the flower of the gods protect the skin from harmful environmental influences and UV rays, which cause nothing but wrinkles and therefore sad looks when looking in the mirror.

In their search for other anti-aging effects of the lotus flower, the researchers then discovered that it makes the complexion appear even and, due to its high vitamin C content, stimulates collagen production, thus nicely plumping up the skin. Thanks to the essential oils, the creams and lotions, the serums and bath additives, and also shampoos and conditioners smell gentle and somehow spiritual.

Anti-aging booster

Shampoo? Conditioner? Yes, hair also likes to be beautified and rejuvenated with lotus flower extracts and oils. They make hair smoother and easier to comb and give it a silky shine. This is due to the “lotus effect”: water simply beads up on the flowers and leaves of the plant. This also happens with hair care products containing lotus blossoms: dirt particles, dust and sebum can’t even get a hold, as the hair is coated with a protective layer, keeping it beautiful, shiny and healthy for longer.

What did Buddha say again? “There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the way.” Now, thanks to the rejuvenating power of the lotus flower, maybe you can be a little happier?!

The good thing is the lotus in it:

From left: Contour Hydra Lifting Serum by Julisis (30 ml, 430 euros), Liquid Gold Rose by Ahava (100 ml, 44 euros), Cellulinov by Sisley (200 ml, 178 euros), Clarins. Huile Orchidée Bleue Face oil ( 30 ml, 35€), Kenzo Kenzoki Belle de Jour Visage ( 50 ml, 100€)

Anti-aging cream recommendation lotus complexion Anti-aging cream recommendation lotus complexion Anti-aging cream recommendation lotus complexion Anti-aging cream recommendation lotus complexion Anti-aging cream recommendation lotus complexion

Text: Conny Eyssen Photos: PR