Liposuction on the legs – a testimonial

You can read about how liposuction on the legs works technically. But how does the procedure feel? A patient describes her experience six months after the operation and liposuction expert Dr. Oliver Weirich answers the most important questions in a VIDEO interview.

I learned to love my femininity and the beauty of my body late due to my upbringing and social environment. I am short, slim for my age and short slim skirts just look best on me. Despite a healthy diet and muscle training, the “buff” on my legs became more rather than less over the years. What to do? Is liposuction on the legs an option?

The easiest solution, of course, would have been to switch to a different skirt length, resign myself to getting older, and say goodbye to my own beauty ideals. But somehow I couldn’t and didn’t want to do that.

As a marketing manager, I’m on the road a lot, at appointments, events and conventions. A well-groomed appearance is very important to me and I love shopping. Looking in the mirror made me increasingly unhappy and when I literally couldn’t see myself anymore, despite my desired weight, I seriously considered a surgical intervention for the first time, liposuction on my legs.

At the same time, a friend of mine had just decided to have a vein operation at the Rosenpark Clinic and was very happy with the result and especially with the care there. Unfortunately, I know hospitals enough since I overcame a serious illness in my late thirties. After this experience, it was always clear to me that if I ever had to have something done to my body again that wasn’t life-threatening, I would want to be in an environment that didn’t scare me and caused me little stress.

Consultation is important!

My first appointment at the Rosenpark Clinic: the consultation with Dr. Oliver Weirich, expert in liposuction was detailed, very friendly and also honest. First, he enlightened me on what exactly liposuction is in the first place: “Liposuction is the suction of fat cells in all areas of the body. That means we reduce the fat tissue by a significant percentage and then have a much improved silhouette of the body after the wound heals.”

However, he also explained to me that he could certainly create an improvement, but that I should not expect the legs of a twenty-year-old. For two years I pondered and struggled with myself. Should I, now that I am healthy, really take the risk of surgery, of liposuction on my legs? Should I not be satisfied and resign myself to the aging process of my body? Shouldn’t I rather go on a trip with my husband for the money? Should I possibly have become immoderate and expect too much from my life?

In a second consultation, Dr. Weirich further educated me on what to consider before liposuction, “There are only a few restrictions to consider before liposuction. One should not use painkillers like aspirin because of the increased bleeding tendency, otherwise there are no great restrictions. At our Rosenpark Klink, the rule is to come by relaxed and then the surgery will go much better.”

There were some risks to consider, of course, and it would also take a while for my tissues to reorganize. After all, the surgery will create a big wound inside first. I thought about it again for a few weeks. But then I made the surgery appointment in the winter, when it doesn’t matter that I have to wear the girdle under my pants or skirts and have initially swollen legs. I was a bit excited when I arrived at the clinic with my travel bag and I was a bit afraid of the liposuction on my legs.

Procedure of liposuction on the legs

The procedure in the operating room was carried by a friendly atmosphere. I was spoken to appreciatively, everything was explained. The procedure lasted almost four hours. But the anesthesia was dosed so well that I was mostly asleep and did not notice anything. If my cooperation was required during the change of position, I was so awake that I had no trouble turning over or tensing my muscles.

The liposuction procedure was exactly as Dr. Weirich had explained it to me in advance: “First you determine the areas and mark them, this usually takes place in front of the mirror. Then exactly these regions are infiltrated (filled up) with this local anesthesia and after a certain reaction phase of half an hour to three quarters of an hour, the fatty tissue can then be gently suctioned off accordingly. The important thing here is that no lymphatic channels are destroyed in the process and the tissue is treated very gently overall.”

After the liposuction on my legs, I was then given a girdle and shown to my room. A place that did not resemble a hospital in the least. Of course, the time after the procedure was not completely painless and the bandages had to be changed often. Fortunately, I had planned a vacation after the liposuction. In my job I travel a lot in the car and that would have been difficult for me.

Woman legs after liposuction on legs

I remembered what Dr. Weirich recommended to me for the time after liposuction of the legs: “Afterwards, exercise is important, you should not overdo it but definitely move. You can do light sports and you shouldn’t lie at home on the couch waiting for everything to heal. Exercise is the best prevention of thrombosis. Taking a mild painkiller is also fine so that the overall time is not uncomfortable.”

So for me, regular walks were on the agenda because exercise after surgery is good and even mandatory. With every step I felt an inner joy about the operation that had gone well until then.

Result of liposuction

Today after half a year I am very satisfied with the result. I find my legs more beautiful, even though they have not become younger. Most of all I am thrilled with my new body feeling, my legs feel tight, with every movement I can feel a lightness that fills me with gratitude and reminds me that I have been very lucky and it was worth it not to give up my ideals just because I am already over 50. On my last shopping trip, I immediately bought three new pairs of pants that accentuate my slimmer legs! I already know that the next time I go on vacation, even in a bikini, I will feel much better than all the years before.