Lip injections: Everything important about more lip volume

Lips optimized with hyaluronic acid have long since become socially acceptable. However, very few people still talk openly about lip injections. We explain in two parts What is important in treatment for more lip volume depends on what the costs and risks are.

One thing right away: the majority of women in Germany want a natural look to their lips. Inflatable lips are definitely out. In order for the lips to look fuller but still natural after injections, there are a few things to keep in mind.

“When it comes to lip injections, it is important that both the patient and the practitioner know the limits of a serious lip treatment,” says Dr. Sonja Sattler, founder and expert of the Rosenpark Clinic.

And what makes beautiful lips? “There are full or narrow lips and a wide or narrow mouth. Unfortunately, lips are the first sign of aging in our face, in this respect lips have an important function in the theme of ‘youthfulness,’ just as, for example, a sunken cheek.”

An American team of surgeons has published a study on this subject. According to this, the focus of any treatment should be the Proportion of the lips stand. And Dr. Sattler points out, “It’s weird if the upper lip is bigger than the lower lip, because this doesn’t fit any ethnic group and generally doesn’t fit any face. An upper lip that is 1:1 the same size as the lower lip is still aesthetic, anything larger is not.”

Lip injections – consultation important

As with other treatments with Hyaluronic acid fillers it is advisable to get a thorough consultation before the treatment. This includes clarifies allergic risks the course of the treatment is explained and Side effects is pointed out.

For the injection of the lips there are extra for it specialized hyaluronic acid fillers. “Hyaluronic acid remains the first choice for beautiful lips that should appear smoother and fuller. Also Asymmetries can thereby balanced and the Lip contour optimized can be achieved. The skin identical substance is prepared for the filler in such a way that the Elasticity of the lips preserved and the effect lasts as long as possible,” explains Dr. Sattler.

Injecting lips with hyaluronic acid

Not everyone has beautiful lips. How can they be helped? Dr. Sattler: “It is not easy to permanently transform a very narrow lip into a wider, more attractive lip. It’s usually smaller steps of folding the ‘moist’ mucosa” (the inside of the lip) outward without getting a beak shape. Unfortunately, the shape of the lip cannot be influenced, because a nicely curved lip remains in this shape, no matter whether it is thicker or narrower. It is the same then with a less curved lip.”

Risks and side effects

It is important to know that lips swell after the treatment and bruises also appear. The Swelling is usually completely gone after 24 to 48 hours, then you can also see the final result. Unfortunately, the bruises usually last a little longer, but can be concealed with makeup.

In the VIDEO-INTERVIEW on 27.05.2021 is about how to avoid “made looking” lips, how to recognize a good doctor and what to do if something went wrong.

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