Lip correction – possibilities and limits!

Lip correction has become one of the most popular treatments in aesthetic medicine. Beautiful, sensual and full lips are an ideal of beauty in all age groups. Whether a genetic, in the eye of the beholder, somewhat too narrow lip or a aged lip, the Volume and contour has lost – a serious lip correction can not work miracles, but certainly bring natural and beautiful results!

“It is important that both patient and practitioner know the limits of a serious lip correction,” knows Dr. Sonja Sattler of the Rosenpark Clinic. Due to the nature of the plant, there are clearly limits here, and also the Overall harmony of the face should be the focus of every treatment. “A good lip treatment is not recognizable to outsiders,” is the credo of the experienced expert in dermatology. To avoid so-called Duckfaces and to avoid unnatural, for outsiders immediately recognizable treated lips, besides the experience of the treating physician also the factors injection material and injection technique count a big role for the later result. To this end, a VIDEO interview.

Lip correction with hyaluronic acid has become socially acceptable. However, the lips often look “done” afterwards. How to find a good practitioner?

Lips are something totally individual and also something very private. It is quite important that a good practitioner all methods and techniques for a lip correction knows as well as different fillers and different degrees of hylauronic acid cross-linking. But the most important thing is that he or she listens to the patient. Lip treatment requires a great trust between doctor and patient. And for me it is very important that patients know that a lip cannot change its actual shape. That means we can neither inject a wider mouthnor conjure up a fuller lip heart on the upper lip, because the anatomical conditions do not allow it. A good practitioner knows this, and guides a patient in such a way, usually using pictures, that a lip looks beautiful and natural, but never too much.

What do you need to keep in mind to make lips look fuller but still natural after injections?

Lips, like any other region in the body, have, its own anatomy. This includes the skin, subcutaneous tissue, musculature. That is why it is so crucial where the hyaluron is placed. For a natural result, the optimal placement of the filler is between the lip skin and the lip mucosa inside, which is practically only felt in the mouth. Of course, the doctor must also know how much material to inject with which technique. Most often the cannula technique by means of blunt cannula is the correct injection techniqueso that the lips get a beautiful volume in a safe way.

Are there different fillers?

With the Lip augmentation it is very important to choose the right material. At Rosenpark Clinic, we use only hyaluronic acids for lip augmentation. Why? Permanent materials, semi-permanent materials, but also autologous fat are highly problematic in the lip regions and can also be still lead to difficulties after yearseven if everything appears to be in order immediately after treatment. Hyaluronic acids are available in different degrees of cross-linking. Thus, one can have a rather softer, rather cuddly hyaluronic acid use, which only gives a little lip volume, but mainly can make a beautiful lip skin or lip edge. Whereas you can also take a slightly more cross-linked hyaluronic acid to generate more volume. It’s really quite different. And optimally, there are products that even complement each other.

How long does the result last?

If a patient with a very thin upper lip comes for treatment for the first time, and then has the upper lip built up piece by piece on a regular basis, then it can be assumed that it will be a long lasting result. This is interesting because the boundary between the lip skin and the lip mucosa really changes permanently. If you take a soft product, it may be six, eight, or even ten months if they take a more crosslinked product, then over a year.

Narrow lips? Tips for the perfect lip shape, hyaluronic acid filter, fuller lips, lip shapeWhat to do if you do not like your lips after treatment?

There are four different reasons for that. So first of all, the patient must know: any lip will swell after the treatment – always. And this for at least two days. Asymmetries are worth correcting. But then please do not come back after eight weeks of feeling unwell. In these cases, the patients should come very quickly and we can then apply a little too much hyaluronic acid. with the enzyme hyaluronidase. and dissolve.

And the limits of lip correction?

When a lip is repeatedly treated with too much hyaluronic acid, the body builds up connective tissue. When injections or syringes are repeatedly applied to the same area, the body forms something like a internal scar, so that then lip correction is no longer possible. This means that young girls who want too much lip must be told that a correction at 50 or 60 years will be very difficult. Unfortunately, this does not work with hyaluronidase, because it is own scar tissue, which is built up over the years and the numerous injections. I always advise my patients: not too much and also to keep the number of injections as low as possible.