Lip correction – combating asymmetry of the lips

Full, even and shapely lips give a face an aesthetic and friendly appearance. If the lips do not correspond to the personal taste or if there is an asymmetry of the lips, this can be a burden for the person concerned. The lips immediately catch the eyes of the counterpart, because with the help of the lips the expression of feelings is supported.

However, at the thought of Lip Correction immediately the images of unnatural, large and plump lips in the mind’s eye, which look as if they would burst at the slightest touch. The good news is, lips do not have to look like that after a lip correction. A professionally and perfectly performed lip correction looks natural and should not catch the eye at first glance. Optimally, no one will see that a lip correction has been performed, but everyone will be captivated by the new and confident glow of the persons.

Small corrections, big effect

With the help of Fillers on the basis of Hyaluronic acid can be used to make minor corrections to the lips. What is important here for Dr. Martha Bernard is that the result is full, but natural-looking lips. Hyaluronic acid uses it for the enlargement of narrow lips very gladly, since it is a natural product which can be broken down by the body over the course of a year. Due to this relatively low-risk and minimally invasive procedure can create beautiful natural lip shapes that do not appear rigid and puffy. With this procedure, the lips remain soft and elastic. Another advantage of using hyaluronic acid for lip correction is the good tolerability of the substance, therefore the appearance of nodules in the lips or an allergic reaction after the use of hyaluronic acid are extremely rare to unknown.

From an asymmetry of the lips is probably formed

If the lips are asymmetrically shaped can be formed with the help of Hyaluronic acid or the Injection with own fat a Balancing the asymmetry can be achieved. Since these are substances that the body breaks down or transforms over time, the procedure can be repeated if necessary when the desired optical effect diminishes.

If asymmetry of the lips has been present since birth due to a genetic change or is the result of an accident, minimally invasive treatment with hyaluronic acid or autologous fat is often insufficient. In these cases, lipoplasty, also known as liposculpture, is used. Cheiloplasty is used. This is a surgical form for the correction of the lips. The choice of surgical technique depends on the type and cause of the asymmetrical lips. The patient’s own tissue, taken from a suitable place on the body, can be used to fill in the lips. This procedure is popular because no foreign material remains in the body. No matter in which way and with which methods the surgical lip correction takes place, the goal is, as with the minimally invasive method, to obtain natural lips that harmonize with the shape of the face and with which one only wants to smile.