Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

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Age does not stop at the lips – that is why patient Sarah Peters (*name changed by the editors) wants to undergo injections with hyaluronic acid.

The 46-year-old is bothered by the fact that her upper lip has become narrower due to aging. In addition, her Upper lip slightly off on the right. “You can see this slight asymmetry especially in photos,” she says, thinking “it just doesn’t look as nice.”

With a desire to restore her lips to more volume to give her lips more volume while correcting the slight imbalance, she comes to Marta Berger, dermatologist with the practice “skinforever” in the heart of Munich. The aim of the treatment is the defined lip augmentation -. without unnatural Inflatable boat effect. “I definitely didn’t want to look like that,” Peters emphasizes.

Even if Lip Augmentations are among the most common aesthetic procedures, the lip remains a difficult region to treat. Above all, the harmonious relationship between the upper and lower lip must be observed, otherwise an unattractive “duckbill” can easily develop.

Lip augmentation with sensitivity

“This means that the lower lip must usually be treated as well, even if the focus is on the upper lip. Technique errors as well as incorrectly used material quickly lead to an unclean result. Expertise and excellent materials are therefore essential to achieve optimal lip augmentation,” explains the dermatologist.

Fuller lips, improved contours

The treatment first begins with a intensive discussion. For Peters, it was a positive experience: “I felt really well looked after and understood,” she says. She tells the doctor what she has in mind: fuller, fresher lips as well as improved contours with a clear white-red demarcation. The doctor then makes a treatment suggestion to the patient.

Hyaluron filler for more volume

Two hyaluron preparations with different effects are available as fillers: While one preparation primarily creates volume, the other is suitable for clear definition of the lip.Patient and doctor decide together on the defining, contouring hyaluron preparation. The COSTS for this are 390 euros.

The injection is almost painless

The Treatment then begins with the desensitization of the lip area. For this purpose, an anesthetic cream is applied, which takes effect after five minutes. Subsequently, the Injection. For the patient, only the short insertion of the needle is noticeable, otherwise the treatment is almost painless, because even the filler itself contains an anesthetic. “The pricking is really perfectly fine,” Peters says. “It’s a little bit like a dentist.” The doctor treats the lower lip first, placing two injections here and four on the upper lip.

The result lasts up to eight months

The Treatment duration is very short at about five minutes. “In theory, I could have done it quickly during my lunch break,” Peters laughs. The numbing sensation lasts up to 60 minutes after the injection, and there is no more pain. After the treatment it is important to note that sports are not allowed for the next 24 hours. The reason for this is that exercise would cause excessive blood flow to the lips and cause additional swelling.

“At first, yes, you do look a little bit like you’ve been not wanted to look,” Peters admits. “The lips just look unnaturally full because of the swelling. But that goes away completely after two days at the latest.”

After the procedure, the patient has No complaints at allonly a small bruise on her upper lip – “but I was able to conceal it quite easily with makeup”.

The RESULT lasts for six to eight months, the effect recedes slowly, so it is an imperceptible and natural-looking reduction. She is very satisfied with the result. “When the face starts to age from the lower third, i.e. the mouth, you often look grumpy,” she says.

The fuller lips on the other hand give her a sympathetic appearance. “The whole thing is very good for self-confidence,” she says happily, adding that she has already received compliments on her fresh and radiant appearance. However, no one has ever thought that it’s because of her lips.

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