Lip augmentation with hyaluron – Naturally without inflatable lips

Duckface and inflatable lips? Yes, lip fillers have a bad reputation. But the days when “a lot” was quickly “too much,” making the mouth look artificial and disproportionate, are a thing of the past.

The new trend in lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid? An overall natural and harmonious result – a subtle increase in lip volume including a gentle accentuation of the lip contour. But is this possible at all or is the wish for an invisible hyaluronic injections just wishful thinking?

Subtle injections for subtle lip augmentation

Treatment options related to lip augmentation have continued to evolve due to high demand. In addition, treatment methods have been modernized so that more and more natural results can be achieved – inflatable lips? No, thank you! However, before undergoing lip injections, it is important to place yourself in the experienced hands of a doctor who specializes in the treatment and has an eye for a natural result. Furthermore, nothing should be rushed for a natural lip augmentation. An important rule: less is more – in the beginning you should therefore rather start with too little hyaluron than too much. If the lip volume is still too low after the injection, a second injection can help.

Preserve the natural shape of the lips: The first rule in lip augmentation

In order to preserve the natural shape of the lips, in addition to choosing the right doctor, the right injection technique and the amount of hyaluron are crucial. As a rule, a hyaluron quantity of 0.55 ml can already be sufficient – depending on the initial situation – to achieve the most natural result possible. It is also important that the upper lip is not larger than the lower lip and that the heart of the lip is emphasized.

Clearly communicating your ideas to your doctor prior to your injections can also be helpful in achieving the most natural result possible. Inspirational pictures of your dream lips can often help with communication and give your doctor a more concrete idea of what you want.

Don’t panic: Swelling after treatment is not permanent

Even with small amounts of hyaluronic acid, swelling after lip injections is perfectly normal. While this may sound worrisome to some, it is not. In fact, swelling helps the body cope better with the injections and also has no effect on the final result. So after the treatment, continue to believe in a beautiful and natural result and don’t let the swollen actual condition worry you. It will be worth the wait!

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