Like chiseled – Jawline Contouring without surgery

A prominent chin-jaw line (English: Jawline) is only what men? Usually defined facial features are considered a male beauty feature. However, a clear Jawline also sets off the female beauty special! In times of Instagram trends, prominent facial features are more in demand than ever among women. After all, not only does the face look fresher, but the neck also gains a youthful appearance by being visually separated from the face. But what to do when the contours blur? We’ll tell you in this article.

Missing Jawline: For whom is treatment suitable?

Unfortunately, not everyone is naturally blessed with clearly contoured facial features. But what is the reason for this? Many of us genetically carry rather a receding chin. The jawbones are only faintly visible and the face appears rather poorly defined. In addition to the genetic predisposition, the “sagging effect” also occurs after a few years. The skin loses elasticity and volume due to the natural aging process. It gradually sags in the cheek area and blurs our jaw-chin contours. However, there is no reason to worry, because there are ways to prevent this process or to correct effects that have already become visible.

More than just make-up

For many years, the term “contouring” has been used in the beauty field. However, it can mean different things. On the one hand, the term refers to a make-up technique with which facial features are emphasized and moved more into the foreground or background through the targeted use of colors and textures. What works wonderfully for the red carpet, on the other hand, is rather unsuitable in everyday life. In aesthetic medicine, contouring stands for a treatment method that focuses on the harmonious modeling of facial contours. What used to be possible only with costly and risky operations can now be achieved with little effort and amazing results.

Jawline Contouring with Hyaluronic Acid

When it comes to beautiful facial shapes, injecting with hyaluronic acid is one of the most popular methods. The treatment takes only slightly longer than a makeup session, but lasts much longer. The sculpting of the chin-jaw line takes only a few minutes and the effect is immediately visible. The result provides a much fresher appearance.

Your way to the Jawline treatment

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