Like a second skin: the Biomimesis Veil beauty tool

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wrap your face in a cocoon overnight and regenerated and rejuvenated in the morning wake up? In fact, from the Japanese beauty company Sensai there is a World noveltya microfiber film that protects the face like a second skin: the beauty tool Biomimesis Veil. We have tested what it can do.

Here’s the deal: What can we do to ensure that our skincare can deliver 100% of its potential, giving our complexion a fresh glow gets and wrinkles are reduced? The key lies above all in a optimal hydration and that is what needs to be maintained. That’s exactly what the new beauty tool Biomimesis Veil is designed to do. Here our Field report.

The promise is this: a microfiber film from the Biomimesis Veil beauty tool seals the skin overnight like a cocoon, optimally preserving moisture in the skin’s surface and Skin care particularly effective can act. The brand-new Fine Fiber Technology is said to ensure that a hundred times more moisture is retained. And how exactly does the tool work?

Beauty tool Biomimesis Veil in check

I’ve tested quite a few beauty tools and was even invited by WDR to a TV interview on this topic. But this little device is really something very special and can’t be compared to anything I’ve come across before… A real world first!

The tool passes the optics check immediately. Biomimesis Veil is very stylish and decorates my bathroom. However, the application is not obvious at first glance, but is then quite simple once you have gone through the individual steps according to the instructions.

The beauty tool Biomimesis Veil comes after the evening skin care is used. Overnight, the skin normally loses a lot of moisture, which weakens the protective function of the skin barrier. This is precisely where the technique comes in: the silk membrane ensures that the moisture is stored, the silk proteins additionally stimulate the natural hyaluron production. In the first step, I apply the lamellar essence “Biomimesis Veil Effektor” (40 ml, 149 euros) over my night cream to strengthen the moisture barrier.

In the second step, “Biomimesis Veil Potion” (9 ml, 99 euros) is then used with the high-tech diffuser (device 599 euros). Incredible 120 kilometers in length have the microscopically fine threads with a diameter of only 1 nanometer, which I applied after about 20 seconds of application.

High tech for the home

The technology is inspired by Koishimaru silk, the precious ingredient used only in Sensai cosmetics. In fact, it feels as if the finest silk threads have been laid on my skin. Delightful! Not just a great feeling, but also a wonderful good night ritual.

Result of the applications

The next morning, the first thing I do is look at my pillow. Did the microfiber film leave my face and land on the pillow? The next look, this time in the mirror, shows that the film has not slipped and can be easily removed with my fingers. I remove small residues with a damp cotton pad. And the result? Already after the first applications sees my skin looks fresher in the morning and feels silky smooth and wonderfully cared for. This beauty tool clearly has addictive potential….

Lead photo: Adobe Stock, Photo: PR