Lifting creams: new products against wrinkles

Flowers and plants are beautiful – and efficient: their essences make the skin glow, moisturize, have anti-aging power and are found in lifting creams. Many plants contain valuable active ingredients and the cosmetics industry uses nature’s intelligence.

Researchers and developers in the beauty industry are constantly on the lookout for optimal care substances for lifting creams. In the process, they are looking more and more closely at the flora of our globe. In addition to vitamins, peptides or hyaluronic acid, active ingredients that plants produce, for example, to defend themselves against pests and diseases, are therefore being used more frequently. Plants have their own complex and highly differentiated protective system against cell-destroying influences from the environment.

In terms of beauty, it is particularly interesting to find out why some plants are particularly long-lived or how they protect themselves from the sun, cold and drought. Biomimetics also plays a special role in research. The word means “learning from nature” and is also known as bionics. Bionicists take nature as a model to solve technical problems.

The idea is not new. Many inventions are based on observations of nature – for example, the dandelion served as the model for the parachute, and the Velcro fastener, invented over 50 years ago by the Swiss Georges de Mestral, was inspired by the burdock, whose spherical fruits are studded with many small flexible hooks. For the cosmetics industry, botanical active ingredients have been well proven for lifting creams for years. However, nature not only provides beauty-relevant raw materials, but also ingenious concepts and blueprints.

New Lifting Creams

For many years, the traditional French house Chanel has relied on plant power, which is combined and processed in its laboratories with high-tech active ingredients. The company works internationally with scientists, including ethnobotanists.

Now the beauty company has succeeded in extracting an anti-aging active ingredient from alfalfa. The special thing about the plant, which is also called eternal clover, is its extreme resistance and its wealth of nutrients such as minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. The plant owes its richness in nutrients to a highly developed root system that can draw nutrients from the soil to supply each of its cells. The botanical concentrate Alfalfa, the heart of this plant, is extracted from the seeds and is in the new product range “Le Lift”.

With its “gentle power”, the botanical concentrate Alfalfa is an oxymoron. Like retinol, it is a superlative anti-age molecule with a two-level effect on both the epidermis and the dermis: it is said to thicken the dermis by up to 13 percent and to stimulate collagen synthesis in the long term.

The product range includes: “Le Lift Crème Fine” with a delicate consistency (50ml circa 120 euros), “Le Lift Crème” melts into the skin (50ml circa 120 euros), “Le Lift Crème Riche” is particularly rich (50ml circa 120 euros) and the gentle eye cream “Le Lift Yeux” (15ml circa 78 euros).

Photos: Olena Ivanova, PR