Laughter? Yes please! Laughter lines? No thank you!

“A beautiful smile is worth a thousand words”. Laughter has an extremely charming and sympathetic effect on other people. However, the most beautiful laughter can quickly fade due to deep wrinkles around the eye, mouth and nose.

No matter how beautiful laughter is, the skin that is always stretched when laughing causes more and more noticeable wrinkles to appear on the face over time. But what types of laughter lines exist? And how do you get rid of them? We explain!

Bye bye crow’s feet

While fine laugh lines around the eyes appear sympathetic to many and are associated with a cheerful disposition, when the laugh lines change to deep crow’s feet, laughter takes on a rather sad connotation.

Those who want to say goodbye to their crow’s feet can consider treating them with muscle relaxants. Here, the wrinkle-smoothing active ingredient is injected around the eye area. Within two weeks, the treatment thus ensures a smoother and younger smile.

Bye bye nasolabial folds

The most common and probably the most unpopular form of wrinkles: Nasolabial folds. The elongated wrinkles that extend from the nose to the mouth leave a dour impression on the face. In addition, strongly pronounced nasolabial folds can often make the face look much older, which is perceived as extremely annoying by those affected.

But there is a solution to this problem, too! With hyaluron, even very pronounced nasolabial folds can be smoothed. The miracle drug is precisely injected into the nose-mouth area for this purpose, filling the wrinkles from the inside and thus smoothing them out.

Bye bye marionette wrinkles

What are marionette lines? Marionette lines extend from the corner of the mouth to the lower edge of the chin or lower jaw. They are also known as merkel wrinkles. This phenomenon mostly affects older women. The aesthetic blemish makes the face look sad or even grouchy.

However, this is not a reason for despair! Smoothing of marionette wrinkles can be achieved quickly and easily by treatment with muscle relaxant. In addition to smoothing, the treatment makes the face appear younger overall.

If you too are looking for a suitable way to smooth your wrinkles, feel free to consult our experienced M1 doctors.