Laughter without regret – bye bye laughter lines!

A beautiful smile says more than a thousand words. According to studies, we perceive people who laugh a lot and with pleasure as extremely likeable. However, unfortunately, in the course of the aging process, even the most beautiful smile can quickly fade in view of deep wrinkles that form around the eyes, nose and mouth. Because as beautiful as a smile may be – the skin, which is always stretched when you laugh, reacts over time with increasingly noticeable wrinkles on the face. We explain which types of smile lines exist and with the help of which treatment options they disappear again.

Bye bye crow’s feet

For many, smile lines around the eyes are considered extremely likeable and are associated with a cheerful disposition. However, this is usually only true for fine laugh lines. But as soon as the fine lines turn into deep crow’s feet, the once very sympathetic smile often takes on a very sad flavor. Would you like to say goodbye to the deep smile lines around your eyes? With the help of a muscle relaxant treatment, in which the wrinkle-smoothing ingredient is injected laterally around the eye area, a smoother and younger smile is achieved within 2 weeks.

Bye bye nasolabial folds

Nasolabial folds are considered to be one of the most common and at the same time most unpopular forms of wrinkles. The grumpy facial expression that the elongated wrinkles, which extend from the nose to the mouth, often create is the reason for this. Particularly deeply pronounced nasolabial folds make the face appear much older than it is and are perceived as extremely disturbing by those affected. However, there is no reason to despair! Very deep nasolabial folds can be plumped up again with hyaluronic acid. This is precisely injected into the nose-mouth area during nasolabial fold injections, so that the wrinkles are lifted and smoothed from the inside out.

Bye bye marionette wrinkles

What are marionette lines? Marionette lines are also known to many as Merkel lines and extend from the corner of the mouth to the lower edge of the chin or even the lower jaw. Often older women are affected, who usually perceive the wrinkles as an aesthetic flaw that makes them appear sad or even grouchy. However, there is no need to get in a bad mood at the sight of marionette wrinkles. After all, thanks to a treatment with muscle relaxant, the wrinkles can be smoothed out again and the overall appearance rejuvenated.

Are you also looking for a suitable treatment option to smooth out your wrinkles? Our experienced M1 doctors will be happy to advise you!