Laser treatment of the skin makes beautiful in a flash!

They can cut razor-sharp but also act very gently. Lasers are true multitaskers when it comes to skin rejuvenation and skin quality. Here is an overview of innovative techniques and proven treatments for targeted laser treatment of the skin.

When lasers are at work, it sounds something like the click of high heels on a shiny parquet floor. They’ve been used for more than 20 years, and today it’s hard to imagine modern medical practices without them. Beauty docs like the dermatology specialist, Dr. Susanne Steinkraus set them to the Pore refinement one to Folds and Wrinkles to erase wrinkles and make the complexion radiant. Depending on the wavelength, they are cold or hot and can deliver their light with pinpoint accuracy for laser treatment of the skin.

The oldest laser used in medicine, the so-called ruby laser, has found many successors. Their applications are becoming more and more complex and differentiated, which is why any laser treatment of the skin should only be carried out by a doctor who regularly performs such treatments and specializes in them. Because not every method and every device can do everything, there are always also Risks to consider. Where there is much light, there is also much shadow – the Side effects can be burns, injuries and, consequently, scarring.

Fresh complexion thanks to laser treatment of the skin

The treatment principle of the Fraxel laser is simple: the laser penetrates through the top layer of skin into the dermis to deliver thousands of light pulses. The microbeams are distributed (fractionated) to many small points, which spares the intervening skin. The laser can be ablative (ablative) for benign skin changes or wrinkles and non ablative (non-ablative) for scars and stretch marks can be used. “But I also use the fractional laser against the more superficial wrinkles on the neck and décolleté and even on the hands,” explains dermatologist Dr. Susanne Steinkraus.

Good to know: In the first 24 hours after the treatment, the skin may feel like it is sunburned and it will be pink or red. The redness may covered with make-up should be applied. Just like after a sunburn, the skin flakes and peels, against which moisturizers help. Before and after the treatment, sun should be avoided for about three weeks.

Suitable for: The laser can be used very well also only selectively for small skin areas like fine lines around the eyes or scars can be used. The treatment is for all skin colors suitable, the Fraxel laser does not target the melanin like most other lasers, but the water in the skin. This means that the risk of pigmentary changes is rather low, even for dark skin types.

Results: The final result is seen after about three to four months. Depending on your lifestyle, the skin will remain refreshed and firm for two to three years.

Cost: From approx. 100 Euro per session. Usually two to five sessions are necessary at intervals of four to eight weeks.

Laser against pigment spots

Laser treatments of the skin work particularly well against the unloved brownish spots. Lasers and flash lamps with different wavelengths, such as the powerful flash lamp “MaxG” or the Erbium Yag laser, can be used for this purpose. “The flash lamp we use against both sun spots and so-called age spots. a. If the age spots are older and raised, you can use the Erbium Yag laser to literally vaporize the top layer of skin,” says Dr. Steinkraus. The light from the Flash lamp on the other hand, shoots directly at the color accumulations, thus blasting the pigments apart. Afterwards, the spots may appear even darker, a fine crust forms on the skin for a few days, and the destroyed pigments reed outward.

Good to know: Before treatment, be sure to clarify whether the Skin changes are benign. Therefore the treatment with a dermatologist is recommended. Afterwards, avoid the sun for several months and apply a high SPF cream daily.

Suitable for: In principle, pigmentation disorders can be treated on all parts of the body. Especially they occur on the back of the hands, forearms and face.

Results: If the right laser is used, pigment spots disappear permanently. Sometimes several sessions are necessary.

Cost: Pigment spots depending on the size of the area to be treated from approx. 75 Euro.

Please do not see red- couperose adé!

The best indication for the treatments with focused light is and remains the Couperose. The changes in the vessels can be combated well. The fine, bluish-red veins that shimmer through the skin are perceived as disturbing, especially on the face. They usually show on the cheeks and around the nose. “Through treatment with an innovative flash lamp or the ‘QuadrStarYellow’ laser, the vessels are welded shut and then broken down by the body,” emphasizes the Hamburg dermatologist.

Good to know: The laser light penetrates deeper into the skin than the energy from the flash lamp, so there is no risk of scarring.

Suitable for: All skin types. Those with particularly sensitive skin are well advised to use a flash lamp treatment.

Results: The vessels that were treated remain gone. Unfortunately, however, with predisposition, new veins can always form.

Cost: Couperose depending on the size of the area from approx. 55 Euro.