Laser or filler? What makes young?

Radiantly beautiful: All it takes is clever foundation, the right application technique and little tricks, and you’ll give your skin new luminosity? Unfortunately, that’s not always enough. At the BtS congress in Stockholm, the question was: What makes the skin appear young and fresh – laser or filler?

The famous glow effect is at the top of many women’s wish list. The special thing about it is that the glow effect should not look made-up, the skin should simply look fresh, like after a long morning walk. How can this be achieved?

For Munich dermatologist Dr. Patricia Ogilvie, one thing is certain: “Everything that creates contrast in the face makes you look old, and that is completely independent of skin type and ethnicity. This has been proven by a whole series of studies. The more harmonious the pigmentation, the healthier and younger the skin looks.” In concrete terms, this means that skin quality such as pore size and an even skin tone play a much greater role in perception than, for example, wrinkles and fine lines.

Perfect Combination: Laser & Filler

In her Munich practice, Dr. Ogilvie therefore very often treats her patients in the first step with a fractional CO2 laser or with IPL (Intensed Pulsed Light) to even out pigmentation disorders or redness, for example. The treatment principle of the Fraxel laser is simple: the laser penetrates through the top layer of skin into the dermis to emit thousands of light pulses. The microbeams are distributed (fractionated) to many small points, which spares the intervening skin. EFFECT: The final result is seen after about three to four months. Depending on lifestyle, the skin remains refreshed and firm for two to three years. COST: from 350 Euro

The laser light penetrates deeper into the skin than the energy from the IPL device, which is why there is no risk of scarring after treatments with IPL. EFFECT: Particularly effective against couperose. The vessels that have been treated remain disappeared. Unfortunately, however, with predisposition, new veins can always form. COST: Depending on the area from 150 euros.

“The ticket for better skin quality is then to combine IPL or laser light with a so-called skin booster. “I use Volite from Juvéderm for this purpose.®, which provides long-term skin hydration and a lasting glow effect,” explains Dr. Ogilvie.

The specially developed hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin down to deep layers, and the skin’s appearance becomes more even. The EFFECT lasts up to nine months and the COST are about 600 euros each.

Lead photo: Shutterstock / Jacob Lund