Laser lifting for vagina

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How a Vaginal Rejuvenation can lead to a new zest for life explains the Berlin gynecologist Dr. Natalja Reich in our video interview. In addition the Video experience report of a patient. She reports about the laser lifting for the vagina.

Until now, the only treatment for vaginal dryness has been hormone therapies – not desired by every woman, and in some cases not even possible if there are pre-existing conditions. With a innovative laser technology one can also use the Tighten vagina and other complaints after birth or Menopause treat. How it works.

What exactly happens to our vagina as we get older? “As we age, it’s not just the skin on our face and body that loses its elasticity. The elasticity of the vagina also changes due to the breakdown of collagen. Births and Hormone changes after menopause accelerate this process, causing, among other things, a altered sexual sensation but can also lead to urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness,” explains gynecologist Dr. Natalja Reich.

How vaginal rejuvenation works

And what exactly can the FemiLift laser do about it? “The fractional CO2 laser very specifically heats the inner layers of the vaginal tissue, stimulating the collagen and elastin fibers. The collagen fibers in the vagina are stimulated to form new ones, which is why it becomes tighter and firmer again. Mild forms of urinary incontinence can be treated with a targeted treatment in the area of the urethra,” says the gynecologist.

Is the treatment painful? “No painful it was not only a little uncomfortable,” reports the patient, who was treated with the FemiLift two years ago and since then, according to her own statements, has a completely new sense of life and self-esteem has. “And at the same time, I’m really particularly sensitive to pain and very sensitive.” Would she repeat the treatment if necessary? “Absolutely,” says the final-five-year-old. “I’m so happy now, and I really suffered a lot from the discomfort before.”

A total of tens of thousands of women worldwide have now been treated with the laser system. A TREATMENT lasts about ten minutes, the RESULT is noticeable very promptly, about after two days. The COSTS of about 400 euros per treatment are unfortunately not covered by health insurance in most cases so far. RISKS Are inflammatory changes, cancer or precancerous lesions. As SIDE EFFECTS spotting may occur, but usually stops after two three days.

Video: internal/Marina Jagemann