Laser hair removal in Zurich with the safest beauty medicine

Do you know this? Still shaving quickly under time pressure? A short inattention and then a cut. Blood. Shave quickly, my ass! The stress factor becomes greater, after all, you have an appointment. The wish that these annoying hairs would not always grow back so quickly and would much rather find themselves on the head, becomes greater and greater.

State-of-the-art IPL laser technology for permanent hair removal

Thanks to the latest laser technology, this wish can be fulfilled in your Laser hair removal Zurich now become reality: The magic word is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). Although this technology has no effect on the growth and density of the head hair, but the hair growth on all desired body parts can be permanently destroyed. Once time must be invested, but then you have the annoying, recurring hair removals once and for all rid.

The IPL systems work with flash light pulses, which are generated by a xenon lamp. A filter adjusts the light spectrum to the correct wavelength between 645 and 950 nm. The applied pulses are absorbed by the color pigment melanin in the hair and transported to the follicles located under the skin. Here, a thermal reaction leads to the obliteration of the nutrient cells in the hair roots, destroying them permanently without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Effectiveness factors for successful treatment

The decisive factor in the treatment is that only the hairs that are in the growth phase can be attacked. In this respect, several sessions are necessary to remove all body hair without leaving any residue. At any given time, only between 20 and 30% of the hairs are in the sensitive growth phase. After six to eight weeks, other hair cells become active and grow.

Accordingly, sessions are repeated after three to four weeks to ensure that all hairs in their growth phase can be treated. The number of sessions needed for permanent hair removal depends on various factors, such as skin type, hair color, hair thickness, hair structure and pigment concentration. The difference between the skin color and the hair color is decisive for the number of sessions needed and the success of the therapy. The greater the difference, the more promising laser hair removal is.

Before a treatment you should not epilate, wax or pluck the hair, so as not to minimize the possible success of the treatment. The day before the session, the part of the body to be treated should be shaved. If the treatment is to be performed on the face, makeup should be carefully removed and the area thoroughly cleaned before starting the therapy. How much time should actually be included for a single session depends on the size of the area to be treated. Hair removal on the upper lip takes about 10 min, whereas laser treatment on the legs takes about an hour.

Pre- and post-treatment options to minimize side effects

For laser hair removal, the hair in the appropriate area is shaved and a cooling gel is applied. The light pulses cause most of the hairs to come off during the treatment, whereas the remaining hairs fall out in the following days. The light pulses delivered may feel like small stitches, but anesthesia is not necessary. In rare cases, the laser treatment may cause slight, local redness to appear for a short time.

Less commonly, hair removal results in the formation of spots, blisters or Pigmentation disorders, which, however, disappear within a few days. As a rule, hair growth stops after laser hair removal. However, under certain circumstances, such as hormonal fluctuations as in pregnancy, the growth can be stimulated again. Less good results can also be the result of laser hair removal from home.

The devices for home use are less powerful and therefore less effective. You can prevent the risk of side effects by avoiding intense sun exposure for three to four weeks before and after a session. With appropriate sun protection, you can enjoy your daily life as usual immediately after laser hair removal.

Guidelines for your health protection

For effective laser hair removal with good protection, guidelines have been issued by the European Society for Laser Dermatology guidelines have been adopted, which prescribe, among other things, extensive patient education in advance, cooling of the skin during treatment, and that only treatments that meet your personal wishes and dermatological requirements are performed.

Overall, the feedback from our patients in Zurich has been very positive. If you now give yourself a push and contact us, we will advise, your Dr. med. Fuchs & Partners AG, your experts for laser hair removal Zurich, will be happy to help you so that in the future you have more time for your free time – without annoying hair removal.