Labia reduction: aftercare

Finally, the long-awaited wish of a labia reduction has come true. The operation could be performed without any complications. Now the desire is great to enjoy the new body feeling and finally do all the things that were not possible before because they caused pain or were fraught with an intense sense of shame. But please, not quite so quickly. A few things need to be taken into account after the operation so that a optimal healing process can take place.

Rules of conduct for an optimal final result

In order to obtain an optimal final result and to avoid infections, it is important to follow certain rules after surgery. Immediately following the operation, the operated area should be sufficiently cooled be sufficiently cooled. Care should be taken to ensure that the cooling compress is not placed directly and permanently on the affected area. Especially during the first week after surgery, it is imperative that after each Going to the toilet a thorough cleaning of the intimate area and the anus takes place in order to avoid infections. For this purpose should only lukewarm water and mild or ph-neutral cleaning products should be used. About two to three days after the operation, patients can carefully take a shower. Here, the previously mentioned rules apply with regard to water and cleansing products.

A full bath or going to the swimming pool should only be considered after the wound has completely healed, i.e. both should be avoided for about four weeks. The risk of sutures loosening or wound healing disorders occurring due to permanent contact with water is too high. In the swimming pool, unnecessary contact of the wound with chlorinated water would be added. Neither of these is conducive to the healing process.

For At least four weeks following the operation should be abstained from any kind of the physical exertion should be avoided. In addition to physically strenuous work, this includes any form of sporting activity.

Also Sexual intercourse is for at least four weeks after surgery taboo. Most patients can resume their sexual life after four weeks with newfound self-confidence and have no impairment in terms of their excitability, as well as sensation on the skin surface.

Attend medical follow-up appointments

After a labia reduction procedure, Dr. Martha Bernard advises her patients to attend after about a week after the first control appointment to make the first check-up appointment. At this appointment, the beginning of the healing process is checked and the sutures are checked. Since self-dissolving stitches are used for the sutures, it is not necessary to remove the stitches. If pain or uncertainty about one’s own behavior occurs immediately after the operation, one should not hesitate to contact the practice.

Until the actual Final result of the labia reduction is visible, it can take up to two or three months last. Therefore, the final check-up appointment takes place after about six months to give the patient sufficient time to develop and enjoy a new body image.