Jawline Filler – a small procedure with many benefits!

In cosmetic surgery, the contour around the chin and jaw is becoming more and more of a focus. In beauty circles, a prominent jawline is better known as a jawline. Hollywood stars like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are leading the way and we want it too! The jaw-chin area on the face is underestimated by many, yet it significantly shapes the shape of our face. We reveal to you what benefits the treatment of the Jawline brings with it!

Jawline contouring – what is it?!

The transition from the face to the neck is the jaw-chin line. Unfortunately, for some people, the transition is naturally poorly defined. In addition, the chin also loses its contour with age, because from around 40, the skin loses tone and elasticity. As a result, the jawline becomes less pronounced. Targeted massage techniques and anti-aging creams can achieve slight anti-aging effects, but in the long term it is hardly possible to counteract the sagging skin on the chin and jawline. But there is no need to worry: Jawline treatment can restore contours and conceal sagging cheeks and double chin. Before there was the possibility of having the Jawline contoured by a hyaluron injection, people tried to achieve similar effects with costly surgeries. However, the expense and risk of the procedures outweighed the benefits. Therefore, the gentle treatment method of Jawline fillers is now moving more and more onto the radar of the beauty industry and is becoming increasingly popular as a beauty optimization treatment. Thanks to the advancement of the treatment as well as the medical advances, this procedure is nowadays one of the so-called “lunch break treatments”. This means that you can quickly and easily have your Jawline beautified during your lunch break and then you are immediately socially acceptable again.

How does a Jawline treatment work?

In the outpatient method, a solid hyaluronic acid is injected mainly along the line of the jaw with a blunt cannula. The plumping effect of the hyaluronic acid counteracts small fat deposits and sagging skin and makes the facial features appear more angular. What looks unpleasant at first glance is actually very painless. This is due to the very fine needle with which the hyaluronic acid is injected. In addition, high-quality hyaluronic preparations already contain an anesthetic called lidocaine. After the injection, the effect is immediately visible and sports activities are also possible again in a short time. After a certain time, the hyaluronic acid is broken down again by the body – how long it lasts varies from individual to individual. Overall, however, the result is usually visible for up to 6 months. Repeated treatments of the same area can extend the shelf life.

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