Jawline Contouring – the perfectly defined chin line

The contour around the chin and jaw is also known as the jawline in aesthetic medicine and is moving ever closer to the radar of the beauty industry. The jawline is usually underestimated by many because, after all, it gives our face its shape and readily shows the first signs of aging.

What was previously considered very costly and risky can nowadays be optimized in no less than 15 minutes thanks to Jawline fillers. The result: a defined line that runs from the chin along the jaw, giving the face more contour and helping to achieve a youthful appearance. But why is the definition of the chin line gaining more and more popularity? We clarify!

Showing corners and edges in the name of beauty

The transition between the face and neck is called the chin line. Unfortunately, this can turn out more or less defined due to genetics. Especially after the age of 40, the elasticity of the skin as well as the chin can lose its contour and become a problem zone for many women. The so-called “sagging effect” occurs and causes the facial proportions to sink downwards. Slight anti-aging effects can be achieved with targeted massage techniques and hyaluronic creams, but it is hardly possible to counteract the sagging of the skin and the jawline in the long term.

Bye Bye “Sacking Effect

Injecting the jawline with hyaluronic acid is a popular treatment method to counteract the small fat deposits or sagging skin and to regain more contour. This is often referred to as Jawline Contouring – accentuating the jawline. During the injection, high-quality hyaluronic acid is injected along the chin line at various points, which has just as much of a plumping effect at this point as at other parts of the face. No great pain is to be expected with this injection and work or sports are also possible again quickly after the treatment. However, the hyaluron is broken down again by the body after a certain time, which is why a regular treatment should be carried out in order to obtain a long-term result.

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