Is beauty measurable?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? A question that can be argued about. Theoretically, everyone perceives different features as beautiful, yet there are numerous studies that analyze this topic and even want to have found a formula for the supposedly perfect face. Ideally, female facial proportions correspond to an inverted triangle. Here, the tip points downwards to the chin and the two corners form the highest point with the cheeks.

These features make up the perfect face:


What exactly does the perfect shape look like? What is the perfect distance? Here, too, scientists have determined a value with the help of numerous studies. This states that almond-shaped eyes are perceived as particularly attractive. The distance to the temples should be about 46%.


Full cheeks make the face look fresher and more youthful. Due to age, the skin in this area often loses moisture, which can lead to a sunken appearance. Of course, the cheek area can also be less pronounced due to genetics. In both cases, so-called fillers can be used to help. To fill in the missing volume of the cheeks, cheek augmentation with hyaluronic acid is suitable. The active ingredient binds water and thus ensures that the cheek area looks plump and young again.


The nose is the center of the face and therefore a prominent feature when it comes to our beauty. It is perfect when it is petite, small and above all symmetrical. In reality, however, it usually doesn’t look like that. Many people feel their nose is too big, too wide or are unhappy with asymmetries. For this reason, a nose correction is increasingly being considered. Those who do not want to go under the knife right away can opt for the minimally invasive treatment method. The nose is modified with the help of hyaluronic acid. Through this method, the shape can be adjusted and small irregularities can be compensated.


Thanks to the beauty industry, lips are a real eye-catcher on the face. With the help of lipstick or gloss, they can be really put in the limelight. It is therefore all the more important for most people to conform to the ideal of beauty here. But what exactly does that look like? For the perfect lip, the ratio of upper and lower lip should be 1:2. In addition, the lips should occupy an area of about 10% of the lower third of the face. If you want to help out here, it is best to have the lip augmentation performed with hyaluronic acid injections. This creates missing volume and any asymmetries can be adjusted.


There is also an aesthetic ideal of beauty for the facial proportions in the area of the chin. If this area is too weak or too pronounced, the profile usually looks disharmonious. Ideally, the foremost point of the forehead and the chin form a line. In the case of a so-called receding chin, the chin area can be built up and modeled by injecting hyaluronic acid.


The forehead should also not be ignored in the question of the perfect female face, because of course there is also a beauty ideal here. According to researchers, a high forehead is considered particularly attractive. This is because a high forehead is often associated with the character traits of intelligence and energy.

According to the study, the perfect female face is a combination of childlike and adult features. The proportion of childlike facial features, should be between 10-40% here. So, if we go by the various research results, a high forehead, big eyes, a small nose and full lips can score. By the way, Jessica Alba or Liz Hurley have the greatest compliance with this formula among celebrity ladies.

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