Injecting the jawline with special fillers

Which injections with hyaluronic acid provide more volume in the face? Are there special fillers to support and optimize the Jawline? What are possible Side effects and consequences of treatment? Aesthetic medicine doctor Kasia Kolomanski provides answers in the PODCAST-Interview.

In Germany, around 40 fillers approved. Most of them are based on hyaluronic acid. Because the body’s own acid not only gives volume and improves the Jawline. It hydrates the skin and also forms new skin structures. What a valuable filler The doctor for aesthetic medicine from the Munich practice Medart Beauty knows what makes a valuable filler and what you should pay attention to when you want to inject the Jawline.

“We age from the outside and from the inside – extrinsically and intrinsically. Unfortunately, the intrinsic factors (degradation of tissue) are much more decisive than the extrinsic. Thus, we can explain aging through our lifestyle have only a very limited influence. With Filler treatments is a Face Contouring possible. The collagen fibers can be optimized. This has been scientifically proven,” explains Kasia Kolomanski.

And further: “The goal of any aesthetic treatment must necessarily be an improvement in appearance! As simple as that sounds, it can be difficult. Because: too little is just as wrong as too much!” Increasingly high on the patient wish list is Jawline injections. This can be achieved by targeted injections can be optimally corrected.

Jawline inject

Important for a good result is on the one hand the Expertise of the doctor, but also the Filler quality must be guaranteed. The filler should be liquid and easy to distribute so that the physician can place it well at a constant speed. Cohesion is also important for optimizing the Jawline. This refers to the cohesion of a filler. So that the Jawline not wavy the filler should have a high cohesiveness such as Juvéderm® Volux™.

Unfortunately, over the years also comes to a Loss of volume in deeper skin layers. For natural-looking volume, the substance used should have a good lifting power have, but do not become as firm as a stone. Reputable brands like Juvéderm therefore offer fillers for different parts of the face, for example Juvéderm® Voluma® for more volume.

“Not only the material, but also the injection type can vary,” says the aesthetic medicine doctor. “For example, there are the linerar technique or the Fan Technology. Depending on the area of the face, I decide which method to use.”

And finally, the durability. How long a filler lasts depends on various factors: Age, area treated, preparation, amount of injection and how often it has been treated. In general, thin-liquid fillers, such as those used around the eye area or to treat lip wrinkles, last longer than thick-liquid fillers. The former up to nine months, thick fillers can even up to two years hold.