Implant replacement after breast augmentation

Today, although there is a lifetime guarantee on the durability of high-quality implants, there are still reasons why a breast implant should be replaced. A patient reports about it in the video.

Most of the time, there are medical reasons why a breast implant becomes necessary after a breast augmentation, for example because of capsular fibrosis, a painful hardening of the breast tissue. Not so in the case of Isabel Frenz. The 43-year-old now wanted larger breasts after her first breast surgery. Which breast implants did she choose, what was the surgical procedure like, and what are the risks and costs of changing implants?

Breast implant change – the procedure

One thing right away: the decision to change an implant should be prepared just as thoroughly as the first operation. This includes, above all, the selection of the appropriate doctor, the extensive consultation as well as the necessary preliminary examinations and finally the decision for a specific breast implant. “At our clinic in Nuremberg, there are usually several consultation sessions. Subsequently, however, follow-up care is also very, very important to us. Patients are invited to come to our clinic once a year for follow-up care,” emphasizes Dr. Jens Baetge, a specialist in aesthetic plastic surgery who has been running the Nuremberg clinic for almost 10 years.

Reasons for changing breast implants

In Isabel Frenz’s case, implant change after breast augmentation was purely aesthetically motivated. “I simply wanted bigger breasts,” she explains “and after my first operation here in the Nuremberg clinic six years ago already went so smoothly without complications or pain, it was clear to me that I also wanted to plan my second cosmetic surgery here.”

Dr. Baetge: “The challenge of providing the patient with larger breast implants was primarily to accommodate her very narrow chest circumference. I therefore advised her to use B-Lite implants. They are 30 percent lighter than the conventional silicone implants and have now been on the market for five years. So you can allow a lot more breast size at almost the same weight with these B-Lite implants.”

The plastic surgeon already has 20 years of experience in the field of breast augmentation and uses breast implants from various manufacturers, “It’s quite amazing that there are always innovations in this segment. B-Lite was developed by an Israeli researcher who achieved this 30 percent weight reduction by using silicates. Today, B-Lite is manufactured in Germany.”

Implant replacement – risks and costs

The procedure itself was performed under general anesthesia and at the Risks include wound healing as well as sensory disturbances and pain, in addition to the usual surgical risks. A special bandage is applied on the day of the operation. Afterwards, a compression bra must be worn for three to four weeks. Sports and sauna are not allowed, and for the first week, the patient must sleep only on her back.” And the Cost? “Including hospital stay and aftercare, the cost is 8,800 euros.”

And finally, how does the patient feel today? “I am totally thrilled and would repeat the implant change at any time. My environment has also reacted only positively so far!”.