Implant change: What are the reasons for changing breast implants?

Modern breast implants can remain under the skin for a lifetime, unless there are medical reasons to change or even remove them. The situation is different, however, with older breast implants: These should be changed after 15-20 years. This necessity may be based on aesthetic or medical considerations. It often happens that patients want to improve the shape of their breasts or simply no longer perceive them as attractive. This can also be related to the aging process and the sagging of the skin. are related. It can also lead to the so-called Rippling can occur. This is an unsightly wrinkling caused by an unfavorable implant position. If there are medical reasons for changing the implant, you should take appropriate action as soon as possible.

Medical reasons for an implant change

A common reason for changing breast implants is a condition called capsular fibrosis, which is a painful hardening of the breast tissue in the area of the implant. The body accepts the implants as foreign bodies perceives and forms a sheath of connective tissue around the gel pads. Also a Subluxation, i.e., a twisting of the implant, makes a change necessary immediately. Over time, the shells of the implants can lose strength, which can cause a Rupture – a rupture – can result. In such cases, it can lead to inflammation of the breast tissue The change of the implant is unavoidable.

There is an urgent reason to change the implants only if there is a danger to the patient’s health. If you experience pain or notice changes in the breast area, be sure to visit your health care provider for advice on the options for changing implants. Martha Bernard, MD, will be happy to advise you in this regard. Dr. Bernard has been working as an independent plastic surgeon in Munich since 2008 and has helped countless women achieve their dream breasts over the years.

What happens during surgery?

Before you decide to change breast implants as a result of breast augmentation, you should get detailed advice. It is extremely important that you are aware of the possibilities and risks of surgery. If the patient wishes, the change of implants can be combined with a breast lift. As a rule the Surgery under general anesthesia is performed. In most situations, the surgeon gains access to the implant through the inframammary fold, but the scar of the breast augmentation surgery is also used for this purpose. When changing implants, the primary concern is not to injure the breast tissue and to place the new silicone cushions in such a way that no complications occur afterwards. During the surgery, in most cases a submuscular placement aimed at if the implants were placed under the mammary gland during the initial surgery.

The implant pocket is remodeled to ensure the most aesthetic result. Slightly larger implants are often placed due to stretching of the skin and tissue.

The duration of the surgery varies from patient to patient and is on average two to four hours. During the postoperative phase, the same guidelines as after surgery must be followed. Initial pain can be treated with analgesics, and adequate rest during wound healing also contributes to rapid recovery. During the first six to eight weeks, the wearing of an Compression bra around the clock required. In order for the wounds to heal optimally, it is advisable not to start showering until one week after the operation.